Visit the Monastery of Themata in Kefalonia

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The Greek island of Kefalonia is located in the Ionian Sea, just west of mainland Greece. The landscape of the island is rich in sandy coves, greenery, olive groves, vineyards, and beaches. There are important sites to see in Kefalonia as well. One of these is the Monastery of Themata. Here’s what you should know about the Monastery of Themata in Kefalonia, Greece.

About the Monastery of Themata

Built during the 11th century on the slope of Agia Dinati near Makriotika, the Monastery of Themata is located just 6 km from Agia Efimia. After the earthquakes of 1953, the monastery was completely rebuilt. The monastery is one of the oldest monuments in Kefalonia. There are a few stories about how the monastery got its name. Some think it came from Thematos a governor of Kefalonia. Another thought is that the name comes from an old settlement named Themata in the region of the monastery.

Visit the Monastery of Themata in Kefalonia

The first thing you are likely to notice when visiting the Monastery of Themata in Kefalonia is the view you have of the Ionian Sea and Ithaca. There are oak trees you can sit under, relax, and take in the surroundings. Here, you will also find a great hiking path at the mountain of Agia Dinati. If you enjoy hiking, don’t miss spending time there. The Monastery of Themata celebrates on August 15 and the first Tuesday after Easter each year.

Nearby Agia Efimia is worth a visit while you’re in the area to see the Monastery of Themata. Agia Efimia is a lovely harbor village and was one of Kefalonia’s most important trade centers with mansions and stately homes. During the 1953 earthquakes, the village was greatly destroyed, but the French helped them to rebuild. Agia Efimia is surrounded by mountains to the south, north, and west. Today, the harbor of Agia Efimia is busy and a wonderful place to explore. The village is home to four pebbled beaches and many coves.

Getting to the Monastery of Themata

Getting to the island of Kefalonia can be done by ferry from locations on the western side of the Greek mainland and from some islands of the Ionian group, but there are no ferries that go directly from Athens to Kefalonia. You can also get to Kefalonia by plane to the Kefalonia International Airport “Anna Pollatou.” Flights come from Athens, Zakynthos, and Corfu all year. During the summer, flights from various cities around Europe are received.

Once on the island you can get to the Monastery of Themata via a private transfer, which can be a taxi, minibus, or even a VIP car. You can be picked up from your hotel and taken directly to the monastery. If you prefer to sight-see on your own schedule and want freedom to stop wherever you like, you can rent a car. You can also take the public bus, which goes from Argostoli to Agia Efimia during the day.

Enjoy exploring the Monastery of Themata and surrounding area in Kefalonia, Greece.

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