Visit Gyzi Castle on Mykonos

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Mykonos is one of those islands that always takes people by surprise. Sure, it is known for its many resorts and party-like atmosphere. However, the island also has a rich history. You can easily find something to do other than take in the nightlife. Mykonos is not only beautiful, but it also as plenty of historical landmarks to enjoy. Here’s more information:

Getting to Gyzi Castle

Before making your way to Gyzi Castle you need to first travel to the island of Mykonos. You can do so by taking either an airplane or a ferry. You can easily take a flight into the regional airport on the city, or you can take a ferry from one of the ports located throughout Greece. Check the timetables for more information as to which ferry to take. Once you get to the island, you can then follow one of the main roads to the ruins from Mykonos Town. The ruins of the castle are about 8 kilometers from the town.


History of Gyzi Castle

The ruins of Gyzi Castle are a fairly noticeable landmark on the island of Mykonos. The castle is perched on a hill that overlooks the village of Ano Mera. At on time, this castle was designed to keep watch over the village and its inhabitants. Built in the 13th Century by the Gyzi Family that ruled on Mykonos during this period, the castle was built as a fortress against foreign enemies as well as for pirates. Strong, impenetrable walls and structures were a refuge where the villagers could hide or fight against marauders or intruders looking to inhabit the island.

The castle was abandoned when the Ottoman Empire took over in the 14th century. For many centuries, pirates used Mykonos as a home base while plundering the surrounding areas. The castle survived the pirates and abandonment, though it fell to ruins. Today visitors love to walk through this area, seeing and imagining what this historical site brings to mind.

Spending Time at Gyzi Castle

Seeing the ruins up close is something that visitors to the island should experience. Visitors can’t help but feel the lives of the people who once inhabited this area. Walking through this area you can see that some stones were cut into squares while others making up the walls were just flat rocks picked up from the local landscape. There are arched windows and doors on the outer walls and the inner doorways are arched. A smaller square building stands outside.

In the same area of the castle ruins, there is a small church that has been there since the 18th century. You should take the time to visit this during your visit. The Holy Savior Church is whitewashed with a blue door, a simple cross above the door and a red roof.

People come to Mykonos for the party atmosphere and the beaches. When you need to get away from the crowds and the parties come to visit this part of the island. History runs deep on this island. Take time to stroll through the past while you’re here, as well!

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