What to Do on the Greek Island of Nisyros

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Nisyros is a Greek island that is part of the Dodecanese in the southeastern portion of the Aegean Sea. Although not as well as some of the other islands in this group, it Nisyros does see a healthy amount of visitors throughout the peak tourist season. However, it is truly an ideal spot for those who are looking for a little more solitude than you can find in some of the larger, more popular islands. It is also extremely beautiful and there is a large volcanic crater in the middle of the island that adds to the drama of the landscape. Here’s a look at what to do while visiting this island:

Visit the Active Volcano

As mentioned above, the volcanic activity on the island is part of what makes the place so memorable. It is also one of the top attractions on the island to visit! Since it is an active volcano, it is important to be careful. The volcano’s claim to fame is that it is considered to be the youngest in Greece. However, despite the fact that it is young, it is over 100,000 years old and has rock formations that are around 15,000 years old! The landscape here is haunting and it is definitely worth a visit. There is also a church located here that is worth a visit.

Lounge at the Beach

Like many Greek islands, Nisyros is known for its beautiful beaches. Some of the beaches are organized and some aren’t, but they all have their charms. One of the benefits to enjoying the beaches here is that they all attract a healthy amount of people but not the same amounts that some of the other islands attract. This is an ideal spot for those who want to go off the beaten track. Beaches to check out include Kardamena Beach, Elli Beach, and Camel Beach. Ask your hotel for more information about which beaches you should spend most of your time at.

Spend Time at One of the Villages

Another thing that Nisyros is known for is its charming villages. You should consider these villages for finding a place to stay, shopping, eating a delicious traditional meal, or walking the streets. Many of these places also have a good amount of nightlife that will satisfy all types of people. Although the nightlife isn’t as intense as places like Mykonos, it’s still satisfying. Villages to explore include Mandraki Village, which is the main village on the island, and Nikia Village, which is located within view of the active volcano.

When it comes to visiting Greece, you certainly have your choice of islands! Nisyros is an ideal choice for those who absolutely love the outdoors and want to spend time viewing some interesting geographical features, such as the active volcano. It is also a great place to sit on the beach and also explore traditional Greek village life. Nisyros is the place to be if you want to spend your vacation relaxing in the sun in a place that is off the beaten track.

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