Best Thermal Springs in Greece

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When most people visit Greece, they are eager to try the food, sit on the beaches, or take in a bit of ancient history. Aside from the typical activities, though, Greece is also known for its thermal springs. Enjoying the springs isn’t an activity that today’s tourist necessarily think of, it was a major draw for visitors during Greece’s ancient past. Ancient visitors flocked to these waters looking for a boost to their health, enhanced relaxation, and cures for their health problems.

Today, visitors can enjoy the waters and connect with Greece’s past at the same time. Whether you are simply curious, looking for ways to relax and unwind, or interested in using the water to help promote healing, the thermal waters in Greece are amongst the best in the world. Here is some advice on where to go.

Santorini, Greece

Though Santorini isn’t necessarily known for its hot springs, the island does possess some of Greece’s best. In fact, the thermal springs at Pali Kameni is simple and relatively uncommercial, which gives visitors a more traditional experience than some of Greece’s more touristic choices. Here, the island’s volcanic past is evidenced in the hot springs. Enjoy a soak in the rich green water, complete with sulphuric mud, which is said to be great for aching joints.

Lemnos, Greece

Though Lemnos, Greece is most known as a haven for windsurfers, those looking for an authentic Grecian spa experience will also love it here. The hot springs on Lemnos offer a beautiful respite after a day of sightseeing. This island is also a good day trip to the springs at Samothraki, a small island nearby that has several popular hot springs as well as waterfalls, both of which are part of the spa experience.

Crete, Greece

One of the best spas in Greece is the Thalasso Royal Mare, a more formal experience than the springs on Lemos and Samothraki. Aside from having pools with water piped in from some of the local springs, you can also enjoy some world-class spa treatments. While there, try the pediluvium, which is a type of therapy where you will enjoy an underwater massage.

Ikaria, Greece

The small village of Therma has several mineral hot springs, which you can visit from May to November. There are several reports that these waters are dangerously high in radium. However, there are also those who believe the radium, rich water has healing properties. It is up to you if you are comfortable with the distribution of minerals in the waters here. Though the village doesn’t have a large, five star hotel, there are some smaller, family owned hotels with which to enjoy the area.

As you can see, Greece has thermal hot springs for guests to enjoy. The experiences range from bathing in the waters, as is the case at Samothraki, or visiting a more formal spa, such as the Thalasso Royal Mare on Crete. When visiting Greece for the healing waters, you will find relaxation and healing no matter where you go.

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