About Crete Greece

The island of Crete in Greece (Greek: Κρήτη, Kríti [‘kriti]; Ancient Greek: Κρήτη, Krḗtē) is the absolute largest Greek islands. Crete is also the 88th largest island in the world and the 5th largest island in the Mediterranean ocean. The capital and the largest city of Crete is Heraklion and the region has a population of 623,065 people. Crete is a big part of the economy of Greece, both in heritage, industry and tourism. Tourists travel to Crete in the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons from all over the world, especially Europe and the United Kingdom.  If you are already traveling to Crete, Greece, you can find a useful Crete online map here.


What to Do in Rethymnon, Crete

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History of the Caves on Crete

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Overview of the Battle of Crete

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The Minoan Sites of Crete

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Hike the Samaria Gorge in Crete

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