Great Experiences to Have With Food on Crete

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Typical Greek restaurant on the balcony blue building overlooking the sea, GreeceCrete has a distinct charm that you can’t get anywhere else in Greece. Because it is a large island, it is all too easy to feel as if you aren’t on an island at all. Most people who look out at the waters from the shore, when they look to the left and right, chances are pretty good that they see long stretches of coastline.

Because Crete is a large island,  this means that different types of food can be grown. Not only that, but the Cretans are really proud of the fresh, local cuisine that is produced from their lands. Here is an overview of some of the best food experience to have

Pick and Eat Something Fresh

Most Cretans know where the land produces some of its favorite foods. As a visitor, you can learn all about this too, as long as you know who to ask. Start by asking questions at your hotel. It is even possible that they’ll have some of these fresh foods growing on the property and if not, they’ll know exactly who it is.

Drink and Eat at a Vineyard

One of the things Crete is known for is its wine, and the vineyards are in the some of the most stunning locations on the island. Wineries to visit include Lyrarakis Winery, Manousakis Winery, and Daloufakis Winery. If you decide to go to any of these places, call ahead to reserve a tasting or to make sure they are open. Some wineries scattered throughout the island also have a taverna on site as well as hiking trails so you can easily make a day of it.

Learn About Cretan Agriculture

One thing that makes the cuisine on the island so special is the fact that the majority of what people eat had been produced exclusively on Crete. There are several growing seasons on the island, which means that a variety of crops do well here. Some of the most interesting experiences on Crete involve the “farm to table” mentality so it is worth your while to embrace it. For a hands out approach, the Agreco Farms in Rethymnon offer visitors a unique chance to be part of the process of cooking the food, and there is also an opportunity to learn about the agriculture.

Eat at a Local Restaurant or Taverna

When you ear at a restaurant, cafe, or taverna that is located in some of the more touristy areas, it is impossible to get the full culinary experience that the island has to offer. In some more remote villages, there are some excellent tavernas and restaurants that are owned and operated by families who produce the majority of the foods themselves. These places don’t have a menu – you’re simply told what you’re able to eat that day and then you tell them what you want. To find the best places, you really need to ask the locals where they go to eat when they’re eating outside of the home. This usually results in some of the best finds!

These culinary experiences on Crete will really make your visit memorable!

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