Beaches to Visit in Sikinos, Greece

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The Greek island of Sikinos is the ideal destination if you are looking for a bit of peace and quiet along with the hospitality and warmth of the locals. The beaches of Sikinos are mainly secluded with a couple of exceptions. Here are some of the beaches you can relax at when visiting Sikinos, Greece.

Port Beach

Port Beach in Sikinos, Greece is located just 4 km south of Chora. The beach is within walking distance of the port. Port Beach is the main beach of the village of Alopronia. The beach is family friendly and is well-organized with sun beds and umbrellas. Port Beach is the longest beach in Sikinos and features soft sand. You will find fish taverns in the area. There also trees that will provide you with natural shade. If you’re looking for a less secluded beach while visiting Sikinos, Port Beach is the perfect choice.

Malta Beach

Located 8 km east of Chora, Malta Beach is actually a small cove on the northern side of Sikinos Island. This is the ideal beach to visit if you are looking for a tranquil afternoon lounging and swimming. Malta Beach is nudist friendly with a lot privacy. The sandy beach has little white pebbles. The beach is completely exposed to the sun, so you will want to bring umbrellas with you. Malta Beach is only accessible by boat, so if you are exploring the coast of Sikinos Island by boat, this is the perfect spot to stop and cool off. Above Malta Beach there are some ancient ruins you can explore.

Agios Georgios Beach

Agios Georgios Beach is located 5 km southeast of Chora on the island of Sikinos. The beach is small with golden sand that contains some pebbles. The crytalline water is clean and perfect for swimming. This beach is a favorite with the locals, so even though the beach is quite isolated, you may enjoy some company. You will still find Agios Georgios Beach a good place to relax. There is a fish tavern nearby for when you crave a delicious meal. Agios Georgios Beach on the island of Sikinos can be reached by car or by boat from the harbor of Alopronia.

Santorineika Beach

Santorineika Beach is made up of two pebbles coves. It resembles a couple of pools. Santorineika Beach is located at the southern side of Sikinos Island. The name of the beach comes from the fact that boats from Santorini used to dock at there. You can only reach Santorineika Beach by boat or if you are up for a long walk. There are some yacht clubs and pleasure boat centers in the area, so getting to the beach isn’t difficult and well worth it. You can make it part of a boating trip as a point of attraction to relax and cool off. Near Santorineika Beach you will also find the beaches of Ai Giannis and Agios Panteleimon.

Greece is filled with beautiful beaches and the Greek island of Sikinos has many of them.

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