Things to Do in Lassithi, Greece

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Lassithi is a tranquil and secluded area on the island of Crete. It gets the least of the tourist activity of the island, which makes it a great place to enjoy a leisurely vacation at your own pace. If you love lounging on the beach and spending time in nature, you won’t be disappointed by what Lassithi has to offer. Getting to Lassithi can be done via the airport in Heraklion. There is an airport 1 km from Lassithi, but there aren’t as many flights available. Once you’ve arrived, you can get around via public transportation or car. Here’s what you can do while visiting Lassithi, Greece.

Here are some great things to do in Lassithi, Greece:

Go Scuba Diving
Whether you’re an experienced diver or wanting to try something new, Lassithi has a number of diving centers including those in Agios Nikolaos, Voulisma Beach, and the island of Agii Pantes just to name a few. The coastline is rich in reefs, caves, shipwrecks, even airplanes, and of course plenty of fish. If scuba diving isn’t for you, you can try snorkeling or take a bottom-glass boat trip. If you want to explore what’s under the water of Lassithi, there is an option to suit you.

Relax on the Beach
Lassithi is home to many beaches. Secluded beaches include: Palekastro, Kato Zakros, and Agia Fotia. If you want to avoid crowds, these are good beaches to consider. At Agia Fotia you will be surrounded by pine forests and the small chapel of Agia Fotia is located nearby. If you want a beach with more amenities or water sports, those are available as well.

Visit Milatos Cave
This cave is rich in history. The cave is large at 73 meters long and 63 meters wide with eight entrances. To reach the cave you will follow a narrow path along the slopes of a gorge. Bring a flashlight with you as the cave is dark. Saint Thomas church is a small church that sits inside the cave. It was built in 1935 to honor the approximately 3,600 people who were slaughtered there by the Turks in 1823 while they attempted to seek shelter. The Turks had trapped them inside for two weeks when the residents of Milatos finally decided to fight back, but were sadly unsuccessful. Each year at the church a service is held in their memory. Milatos Beach is nearby with fish taverns and a fishing port.

Go For a Hike
There is no shortage of places to hike in and around Lassithi. There are a number of gorges including Richtis Gorge. A trail leads to a beautiful waterfall. This area is suitable for the entire family to hike, so feel free to bring the kids. Other gorges to choose from include Gorge of the Dead, Krista Gorge, and Chochlakies Gorge. If you’re looking for more of a park atmosphere, you can check out Amazonas Park. This park is near the top of the mountains and offers a wonderful view.

If you’re looking for a relaxing vacation surrounded by lots of nature and outdoor activities, Lassithi is the perfect place.

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