Museums to Visit in Skopelos, Greece

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Each year, visitors flock to Greece to enjoy what the country has to offer. Greek island of Skopelos is just waiting to be explored. The natural beauty is enchanting and the history and culture is rich. When visiting the island of Skopelos, you will want to explore these museums. Here’s more information about what you can do while here:

The History Museum of Skopelos

The History Museum of Skopelos is housed in the home of the Greek poet Pavlov Nirvanas, whose real name was Petros Apostolides. The house was built during the first half of the 19th century. Nirvanas was born in Russia in 1886 and died in Athens in 1937. The History Museum is located in Chora. The museum is dedicated to the history of the island and divided into three different sections: social organization, culture, and the economy of Skopelos.

Folklore Museum of Skopelos

Located near the center of Chora, the Folklore Museum of Skopelos showcases the folklore history of the island during the past two centuries. The museum is housed in a mansion that was built in 1795 and donated in 1991 by the Nikolaidis family to the Municipality of Skopelos. The Folklore Museum opened in 1992. Older women of the island of Skopelos dug through their chests and belongings ad offered these treasures to the museum.

These hand-made embroidered items decorate the rooms of the mansion. The ground floor of the home is where the sitting area and fireplace are located. The furniture is wood-carved. The bridal bedroom on the second floor has a baby crib. There you can see swaddling clothes and traditional bridal clothes. At the museum you can also view knives, icons, paintings, ceramics, farming tools. In addition to the items donated from residents of the island, many also came from the Nikolaidis family.

Museum of Cultural Heritage of Skopelos

The Museum of Cultural Heritage is located in the village of Glossa, the highest village of the Sporades. The Library Perseus Athineos is part of this museum. The museum, which is housed in a renovated stone house built in 1926, opened its doors in 2008. The house has a balcony where you will be treated to a breathtaking view of the village and the sea. The museum’s aim is to preserve and promote the cultural history of the Skopelos through its naval history, personal items, and manuscripts.

Residence of Vakratsas

The Residence of Vakratsas is a traditional house from the 18th century that is located in Chora, not far from the beach. The house is used as a museum that showcases folklore objects that include: furniture, traditional costumes, folklore artifacts, artistic objects, personal items of the Vakratsas family, and more. During the summer months there are cultural events that take place in the courtyard of the residence. The mansion was once owned by Antigoni Vaktratsas, who donated it to the Municipality of Skopelos so that it could be used as a museum.

When visiting Skopelos, Greece, you won’t want to miss these museums that will expose you to the history and cultural background of this charming island.

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