Shopping Experiences to Enjoy in Donoussa, Greece

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Donoussa, Greece is the northernmost island of the small Cyclades group. The island of Donoussa is found just east of Naxos island. The island is home to a number of coves and beautiful sandy beaches. Donoussa consists of four villages: Donoussa (also known as Stavros and the largest village and port), Mersini, Haravgi, and Kalotaritissa. The island is small, but the growing number of visitors is creating a larger shopping experience than has been known before.

Try Local Products of Donoussa Island

When visiting the island of Donoussa, you will want to try the local products. Donoussa, Greece is well-known for a hard cheese called axialomytzithra that is made with yogurt. A popular local beverage is called rakomela, which is raki mixed with honey. When you head out for a meal, keep in mind a couple of local traditional meals to try: kavourmas (pork meat fried in fat) and patatato (braised meat with potatoes).

In Stavros, you can enjoy local pastries from the bakery. One such pastry is called kserotigana, a honey dipped pastry. One of the bakeries in Donoussa is called Fournos o Panais. Fournos o Panais has spoon sweets, freshly baked bread, and traditional sesame-seed koulouri. Koulouri is a sesame-seed bread ring, which is the ultimate breakfast on the go in Greece. Enjoy one with a fresh cup of coffee.

Buy One-of-a-Kind Items

One of the most delightful parts of traveling to Greece is the original, handmade items you can buy. This holds true in Donoussa as well. These items can be anything from handmade jewelry, accessories, and clothes to ceramics, woven items, and other pieces of art. These one-of-a-kind items make the perfect souvenirs or gifts for friends and family back home. One of the newest shops that sells these types of items on the island is Meli in Stavros. The shop sells handmade frames, photos printed on canvas, and even handmade lamps made from fabric, paper, wood, and wire.

Shop for Souvenirs

On the island of Donoussa you can find the usual sorts of souvenirs you will find most places you travel: mugs, magnets, key chains, postcards, etc. You might prefer to take home a unique piece of jewelry from Donoussa to remember your trip by. If you’re an art lover, you might choose a piece of art that depicts the island. Every time you look at it, you will be reminded of the good time you had visiting Donoussa. In Stavros you will find a store called Pothitia Accessories that sells handmade jewelry, clothing, accessories for the beach, souvenirs, and more.

Shopping on the small island of Donoussa will give you the unique and traditional local tastes as well as the lovely handmade items and other souvenirs you can find as you explore the villages.

Getting to the island of Donoussa can be done by ferry. There is no airport in Donoussa. The closest airport is in Naxos and they receive daily flights from Athens. From Naxos, you can take the ferry to Donoussa Island.

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