Top Places to Visit in Zakynthos

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There are many beautiful places in Greece, and Zakynthos is especially known for this. However, that is not all the island is known for! Of course, there are plenty of outdoor spots to enjoy the scenery, including plenty of beaches. Besides that, there are also some great museums and other sites to see. You could spend so much time here and not even scratch the surface!

Here’s a look at some of the places you’ll want to visit while in Zakynthos:

Art & Wine

Zakynthos is known for its delicious wines, and it also has an art scene. This site merges the two concepts! While here, you can taste some of the island’s best wines while enjoying some great art. There is a winery here, as well as a workshop where the artists create their works of art. You can also take home a souvenir – both the delicious wines and the art are for sale.

Keri Caves

One of the things this island is known for is its sea caves. Keri Caves is a great place to visit if you want to see these caves, especially if you also want to lounge on the nearby beach. The caves are set in a bay, and the best way to view them is by taking a boat tour. There is plenty of saline here to visit, so you’ll want to bring our camera!

Vrysakia Aqueduct

The Vrysakia Aqueduct is one of the more unique places to visit while on the island. The aqueduct is manmade and was built about fifteen years or so before the Greek War for Independence began in 1821. There is also a nearby village that is worth visiting, especially if you want a pretty spot to walk the streets, shop, and enjoy some of the local culture.

Marathonisi Islet

Tbe Marothonisi Islet has a unique geography and it is absolutely worth visiting. Located across from Laganas Beach, this islet also contains a great beach to visit. The turquoise waters are unique to this area, and there is also some sea life to view here. Te best way to head here is to hire a boat to take you.

Xenopoulos Museum

Gregorios Xenopoulos is one of the most celebrated writers in modern Greek history. He wrote around 80 novels, as well as short stories, poems, and plays. The Xenopoulos museum is devoted to sharing information about his life and works. The museum itself is historic. The building was actually the house where he spent the early part of his life.

Olive Press Museum

Olives are very important to Greece. The tree produces olives, a staple in Greek cooking. The oil that is made from the olives is highly valued and prized. Greek cuisine wouldn’t be the same without it! The Olive Press Museum celebrates everything that goes into making olive oil and includes a variety of relics from the years ago, representing how olive oil used to be made.

Venetian Bridge

The Venetian Bridge showcases piece of history on the island and is a leftover from the times that the Venetians where on the island. It is also located at Argassi Beach, which means that you can see the beach while also soaking up the sun. You should visit the bridge while on the beach, you won’t be disappointed!

Here’s a look at some of the best things you should do while visiting the Greek island of Zakynthos.

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