Beaches to Visit in Meganisi, Greece

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The beaches of Meganisi, Greece are peaceful spots to spend a relaxing afternoon as they don’t become crowded. The beaches around the island of Meganisi are surrounded by greenery, which adds to the calm ambiance. Here are some of the beaches you can enjoy when visiting the Greek island of Meganisi.

Agios Ioannis

Agios Ioannis is located 7 km southwest of Katomeri. The beach is located on the western side of the island of Meganisi. Its name comes from the small chapel of the same name that is found on the beach. The small church was likely built prior to 1477AD. Pirates destroyed the church and threw the holy icon of Saint John into the sea, but it was rescued by fishermen. The church was rebuilt in 1800. The pebbled beach of Agios Ionnis features crystal clear water. The coastline is narrow, but since the beach rarely gets crowded, this isn’t an issue. The beach is not organized with umbrellas or sun beds, so you will want to bring your own supplies.

Fanari Beach

Located 3 km north of Katomeri, Fanari Beach can be reached by boat from the village of Vathi. Fanari Beach features a pebbled coastline and crystal clear water. If you’re looking for an isolated beach to enjoy peace and quiet, this is the ideal destination. Fanari Beach is perfect for lounging under the sun and swimming in the water. The surrounding trees provide natural shade. The beach is not organized, so you will want to come with supplies, food, and water. During the summer, private yachts and boats find this a wonderful destination.

Herniades Beach

Herniades Beach is located 4 km west of Katomeri. The beach is not organized and secluded, making it the perfect destination if you’re looking for a relaxing afternoon of lounging under the sun. Like most of the beaches on the island of Meganisi, Herniades Beach is surrounded by greenery. The coastline is narrow and pebbled. The water at Herniades Beach is crystal clear and ideal for swimming. If you visit the nearby village of Katomeri, the capital of the island, you will admire the stone-built cottages and courtyards with colorful flowers. Katomeri is rich in traditional architecture. The village is home to a few taverns, a gas station, and a bakery.

Pasoumaki Beach

Pasoumaki Beach is actually a small cove that is 3 km from Katomeri and within walking distance of Vathi. Vathi is one of the three main villages on the island of Meganisi. Vathi is home to a lovely harbor where fishing and sailing take place. In the village you will find whitewashed houses, charming alleys, and churches. You can also get a bite to each or a refreshing drink in Vathi. Pasoumaki Beach features pebbles and crystal waters. If you’re visiting on a sunny summer day, the shade from the surrounding greenery will provide some relief.

Visit these beaches when spending time in Meganisi, Greece.

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