Visit the Zykanthos Olive Press Museum

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The Olive Press Museum showcases a unique and fascinating part of the history and culture on the island. This is one of the only places on the globe where the olive trees have doubled in the last few years. The quality of the soil and the climate of the island enable the production of extremely high-quality olive oil. Here’s more information:

About the Olive Press Museum

The Olive Press Museum is also a traditional family business. The business began in 1850 with a traditional animal movement press. As time passed, the family began using a metal press, then eventually a hydraulic press. Every expert knows all olive oils are far from being equal. The secret is in both the olives and the processing. Some of the dopia olive trees on the island are more than 2000 years old.

The museum has a lot to see, including a 1500-year-old olive tree and the tools and machinery used to make incredible olive oils and soaps. The machine-run stone mill is definitely worth seeing. By 2008 the technology evolved for the creation of an eco-driven process using new technology. The family practices the highest quality of certified organic methods or integrated management in their production. The entrance to this fantastic museum is free.

Take a Guided Tour

The museum is located near Lithakia, in Pantokratoras village. You can take a guided tour to see the step by step process for producing olive oil. The production began during the eighteenth century with a woodenpress and continued to the modern centrifuge machinery of today. The temperature for the Artisteon manufacturing process is always below 27 degrees Celcius. You can even dip home-baked bread into the amazing Zakynthian olive oil. You will love the divine taste of the new varieties including garlic oil and lemon oil. Not only is the tour entertaining, but you will also have a lot of fun.

Stop By the Shop

Make sure to stop by the shop to purchase some of your favorite olive oils. The extra virgin olive oil is a favorite. This oil is of extraordinary quality, cold-pressed and derived right from local olives. The organic extra virgin olive oil comes from local organic crown olives. You can choose from the lemon-flavoured olive oil containing fresh lemons and olives, perfect for grilled fish and salads, garlic-flavoured olive oil for biscuits, marinating meat, green salads and cakes or the orange-flavoured olive oil with the divine flavour of bitter oranges. Every olive oil is a reflection of the robust, fruity flavour and deep green color of Zakynthian olives. There is even sensational olive soap available.

The museum has something to offer for adults and children alike. The process of making so many different kinds of olive oil is fascinating. If you have never seen an olive tree, you are in for an unexpected treat. The unique and robust flavor of the Zakynthos olive oil is absolutely delicious and the trees are beyond description. You’ll want to visit this charming museum while in Zakynthos!

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