Lounge on Kalogria Beach in Sithonia

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Everyone wants to make their holidays fun and memorable. You can achieve this by visiting fascinating places with attractive scenic beauty. Some places you can visit include beaches and game parks where you can watch wildlife safaris and appealing landscapes. Touring these places allows you to bond with family and reconnect with peers. Among the seashores you can tour in Greece is Kalogria. This article provides more information about the beach, the fun undertakings you can do, and how to get there. Keep reading.

About Kalogria Beach

It is located in the west part of the Peninsula in the vicinity of village Araxos. It is narrow and shallow, with a length of about nine kilometers and 80 meters in width. This makes it one of the lengthy sandy shores in Greece. It’s popularly known for fine sand and natural shade along the shores. Closer to the beach are dunes resulting from the sea sand that moves with westerly winds and sea waves. On the right side of the sea, there are several hotels and restaurants. You can have delicious food and drinks served in comfortable deckchairs. These eateries are known for continental breakfast, seafood and Mediterranean cuisines.

What to Do at Kalogria Beach

There are several fun-filled activities you can do in Kalogria beach, Sithonia. They will make your vacation memorable and worthwhile. You will have an incredible beach experience that you’ll talk about for years. To begin with, you can comfortably swim on this beach. It is shallow with calm waters and, therefore, appropriate for kids. You can let your young ones swim freely without the fear of drowning in the deep end.

You can also stroll along the sandy beach in the evenings. It would be best if you put on appropriate shoes and clothing to facilitate walking and ensure comfort. Strolling is important for your health. It will strengthen your leg muscles and prevent joint pain. In addition, you can sail across the beach using a boat. Sailing will bring a cool, relaxing breeze that will help you relieve stress. Relaxation comes from the sounds of the water splashing against the boat and its motion alongside the waves.

Getting to Kalogria Beach

You can easily access Kalogria beach from the neighboring beaches and villages. They include Athens and Araxos. From here, you can travel to Kalogria by bus or car. Either way, it’s a three hours drive to the beach. You should not be worried about parking space since the coastline has a spacious parking area. However, it would help if you got to the beach early to get a parking lot because it is usually overcrowded. To be safe, you can visit in the morning when tourists are few. You can also take a flight to Kalogria from Araxos airport, which is situated a few kilometers away.

Do you desire a perfect holiday spot in a sea setting? Visit Kalogria beach in Sithonia. You will love the soft sand and perfectly clean water. It’s full of life because it’s usually parked with people from different ethnic backgrounds.

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