Museums to Visit in Andros, Greece

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Greece is one of those places that has attracted visitors for centuries. Besides its gorgeous weather and amazing natural setting, there are so many destinations to visit it can be overwhelming. Islands like Andros are absolutely worth a visit because they are filled with this rich history, culture, and natural beauty. Andros doesn’t see the same crowds some of the other islands do, however, which means that visiting here can make for a relaxing vacation.

One of the best things to do here is experience the culture and history through its museums. Here’s more information about the best museums you should visit while here:

Goulandris Museum of Modern Art

The Goulandris Museum of Modern Art, which was founded in 1979, is located on the Eastern side of Andros. It was built initially to showcase the sculptures of the great M. Tombros, a native of Andros. It is constantly receiving and exhibiting international works of art. Thanks partially to a collaboration with the National Gallery of Athens, it has had displays of the works of such well-known artists as Pablo Picasso, Henri Cartier-Bresson, František Kypka, Wassily Kandinsky, Balthus, Paul Klee, and Henri Matisse, as well as special exhibits of the works of Greek artists Galanis and Bouzianis.

Nautical Museum

Our second suggestion is the Nautical Museum, which is in Chora not far from the Goulandris Museum and overlooks the Aegean Sea. It is adjacent to the square of the Unknown Soldier, and contains many nautical artifacts spanning much of Greece’s history. These include model ships, diaries, documents, and nautical outfits. Founded in 1972, this is an excellent place to learn about how the sea has affected and molded much of local culture and life throughout the centuries.

Cyclades Olive Museum

Of particular interest to food connoisseurs is the privately owned Cyclades Olive Museum in Ano Pitrofos, which houses an old animal-powered olive mill. It is a good place to visit if you want to understand traditional techniques for producing oil in Andros. The mill, which ran until 1967, was built before 1857, and has many architectural features characteristic of the area. The owner, guide, and restorer of the museum is civil engineer and local native Dimitris Chelmis. A video of the mill as it used to run is available for viewing at the museum.

Kydonieos Institute

The Kydonieos Institute is also located in Chora, and is more than just a museum. In addition to hosting Ploes every summer, which is an exhibition founded by Petros and Marika Kidonieos Foundation of exceptional post-war Greek Art, it also serves as a type of cultural center for the island. It hosts free children’s and adults’ pottery classes from time to time, as well as plays, literature groups, and concerts. Its goal is to ensure that Greek culture survives and thrives in the island of Andros.

While visiting the Greek island of Andros, you should consider visiting at least some of these museums. There wills surely be something here for everyone!

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