Best Villages on the Greek Island of Skopelos

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Each year, travelers are drawn from many locations to the majestic villages on the Greek island of Skopelos. The beautiful landscape of the island is due to its abundance of pine trees and the nature of the landscape itself. Additionally, because the villages are built against the backdrop of surrounding hillsides, visitors can enjoy great views when vacationing on the island. Below are the best three villages for those planning a Skopelos getaway:

Skopelos Town

After reaching port, the first village that comes into view is Skopelos Town. This quaint village is the island’s main port and capital and features picturesque whitewashed houses with colorful balconies and flower gardens. It is a classic Greek village comprised of narrow streets and alleys, traditional Grecian churches, fountains and sculptures.

Skopelos Town also has a rich history. The castle and the city walls of the town date back to the 13th century A.D.Also, the Basilica of Athanassios, which is the oldest church in the village, is located within the castle walls. Initially built as a monument to the Goddess Athena in the 9th century, it was renovated in the 1600s and remains an impressive landmark today.

The castle itself is perched on a hill high above the village and is surrounded by labyrinths, alleys and narrow pathways. Most summer activities take place in the center of the village near the port, where travelers will find modern accommodations, stores, restaurants and souvenir shops.

Other monasteries and churches pepper the village as well, and many visitors spend an afternoon touring the structures. The Folklore Museum is located in the village square, which houses collections of all kinds from Skopelos. Here, one can view interesting historical photographs, frescoes, paintings and ceramics.

Elios Village

Elios Village, also referred to by locals as Neo Klima Village, is located 19 kilometers west of Skopelos Town Village. It is characterized by thick pine forests and a lively port.

The village was founded in 1981, which makes it fairly new compared to the rest of Greece. Local residents restored the area after a 1965 earthquake, and it is now a thriving village with a small boat wharf, local shops, pleasant fish taverns and nice accommodation options. Beautiful beaches such as Armenopetra and Hovolo have made the area quite popular among those who enjoy swimming and sunbathing.

Glossa Village

The second major settlement of the island of Skopelos is Glossa Village, which is situated approximately 25 kilometers northwest of the Skopelos Town. Glossa is 250 meters above sea level and is built into the surrounding mountainside. Against the backdrop of almond and pine forests, the village offers outstanding photo opportunities to visitors.

The Monastery of Taxiarhes is a popular landmark on Glossa, and is found in the middle of a thick pine tree forest. Ruins of a 5th century Athenian Temple, a 4th century Selinous citadel and several Roman baths can all be found in this historical village. Visitors have their choice of hotel accommodations or rooms to rent, and the area’s many taverns serve delicious, fresh fish on a daily basis.

Each Skopelos town is unique in its own way, with something to offer essentially any vacationer. Regardless of which destination is selected, visiting one of Skopelos’ enchanting villages is an experience no traveler ever forgets.

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