Visit Bella Vraka Beach in Syvota, Greece

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The village of Syvota in Greece is known for its natural beauty. If you visit for no other reason than to experience the greenery and beaches, it will be well worth the trip. One of the beaches that should top your list of spots to visit is Bella Vraka Beach. It is the great way to spend the day. Here’s more information:

About Bella Vraka Beach in Syvota

Bella Vraka Beach is a distinctive beach area that forms a connection between Syvota and the islet of Mourtemeno. Bella Vraka Beach is small but popular as it is located close to hotels, making it a convenient beach to reach. It is also the perfect beach to visit if you are traveling with your children, as it is family friendly.

Bella Vraka Beach in Syvota features the gorgeous turquoise waters and a shore of sand and pebbles. The beach is surrounded by greenery, which adds to the beauty and ambiance of the area. Syvota and Bella Vraka Beach are both considered to be a couple of the most exotic destinations in Greece.

Visit Bella Vraka Beach

Bella Vraka Beach is not only unique because of its location, but getting there will be a unique experience as well. You have to actually walk through the sea to get there. This is a safe journey as the water in the area doesn’t get more than knee-deep. You will be able to carry any supplies along with you. Since there are no eating establishments around, you will want to bring water and snacks for your visit.

Spending time at Bella Vraka Beach offers an opportunity to lounge under the sun or swim in the refreshing water on a warm day. You can also enjoy water sports such as boating and snorkeling.

If you want to explore areas nearby, you will find some organized beaches in the area. Some are accessible by foot, but others can only be accessed via boat. A boat trip is an exciting experience you can enjoy when spending time at Bella Vraka Beach. It will allow you the opportunity to see the area from a different point of view and explore more of the area, including the Blue Lagoon.

Getting to Bella Vraka Beach in Syvota

Syvota is located just 35 km from Parga. You can get to Parga by bus or rented car. Once in Parga, you can travel the short distance to Syvota and Bella Vraka Beach. The closest airport to Syvota, Greece is located on Corfu. Only 37 miles from Syvota, Corfu is a convenient starting point, but will take longer as a ferry ride is required. The ferry trip is about two hours, but the scenic view is worth it.

Once in Syvota, you can get around on foot as the village is small, but you can also hire a boat if you’d like to explore the area surrounding Bella Vraka Beach before stopping there to lounge under the warm sun.

Visit Bella Vraka Beach when spending time in Syvota, Greece.

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