Visit Rethymnon Old Town on Crete

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Crete is filled with many gems, and since it is such a large island, you can have a variety of experiences while here. One of the places you can visit is Rethymnon, an historic city that as a vibrant Old Town to enjoy.

This Old Town is where many of the attractions in the area are located. Whether your interest is in history, shopping, or strolling the charming streets, you will find something to suit your mood in Rethymnon Old Town, Greece.

About Rethymnon Old Town

Located on the Greek island of Crete, 60 km west of Chania, is Rethymnon Old Town. Rethymnon was built on the site of the ancient city Rhythimna. Excavations have revealed much of the ancient city. Rethymnon Old Town beautifully intertwines the past and the modern.

At the center of Rethymnon Old Town is Fortezza, the Venetian fortress. Throughout the town is impressive architecture which includes arches of doorways, Turkish fountains, and churches with their own character and charm. Other Venetian buildings dot the Old Town as well as municipal gardens that add color to the area.

The Old Town is also home to a Venetian port where ferries dock and depart. The area is considered quite romantic, so it makes an ideal place for an evening stroll.

Visit Rethymnon Old Town

Rethymnon Old Town is the perfect destination for spending an afternoon walking and exploring. Rethymnon is the capital of the prefecture of Rethymnon, where about 20,000 people live. This makes it an active area with much to see and do.

As you walk the narrow streets of Rethymnon Old Town, you will pass tavernas, cafes, bars and restaurants, shops, and buildings that will catch your eye. Stop into a souvenir shop and pic up a reminder of your visit to Rethymnon Old Town. A locally handmade item such as a wooden cutting board or olive oil would make the perfect gift for someone back home.

Rethymnon Old Town offers various tours if you would like to learn more about the history of the area. Walking tours will allow you to walk the narrow and colorful medieval streets, interact with the locals, stop in at an old patisserie to watch baklava being made, and of course visit the Fortezza.

The Fortezza was built on a low hill called Paleokastro, overlooking Rethymnon Old Town. The Fortezza was built 1540 and 1570 as protection from Turkish pirates. Inside the Fortezza today, you can see mosques and churches. Agios Theodoros Trichinas Church was built in 1899. The Theatre of Erofili is also found inside the fortress. The theatre is still active and holds cultural events, especially during the summer months.

Getting to Rethymnon Old Town

The quickest way to get to Crete is to fly into the Chania Airport, which is closest to Rethymnon. Another option is to fly into the Heraklion Airport, but it is farther from the town. A taxi ride from the Chania Airport to Rethymnon Old Town takes about 70 minutes.

Getting around in Rethymnon can be done by walking, which is highly recommended as you will be able to explore more of the charming town at your own pace.

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