Tour the Folklore Museum in Patmos, Greece

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Patmos is one of those Greek island that sometimes gets passed over in favor of other, larger islands. However, this shouldn’t be the case since it has riches of its own to enjoy! It lies in the Aegean Sea and may be considered by some to be small in physical size, but its endless beauty and vibrant history make it one of the most alluring, delightful, and popular tourist destinations in Europe to this day. The Folklore Museums showcases some of the culture and history of the island and is worth a visit while you’re here:

Why People Visit the Folklore Museum

In addition to its vast cultural beauty and natural majesty of countryside and lush vegetation, Patmos is widely known for its religious connections and background. In fact, many residents believe the land to be sacred due to historical evidence of St. John’s vision from the Book of Revelation from the New Testament while he was on the island. St. John also wrote the Book of Revelation from Patmos as well.

One of the most famous historic sites to visit while in Patmos is the Folklore Museum, which not only houses a remarkable collection of genuine, ancient artifacts and fascinating, original relics from centuries ago, but this gem will also provide you with a pathway back to the past, in the present, before your very eyes.

About the Folklore Museum in Patmos

Home to a dazzling and historically rich assortment of extraordinary antiques and treasures spanning from the 14th century to the 19th century, the Folklore Museum located in Patmos, Dodecanese, Greece is a spectacular site to visit. This important piece of living history is certain to spark curiosity and please guests with its countless wonders and intrigues.

The museum lies comfortably within a private, still-inhabited, Simantiri family mansion in Chora, Patmos. Constructed by Turkish craftsmen from Izmir in 1625, this historic mansion offers guests an intimate educational experience that shines light on what life was like for some in the years starting from 1300, all the way up to the 1800’s. Upon arrival, visitors receive informative individualized tours of the premises from members of the household.

What to See at the Folklore Museum in Patmos

Some of the wonders guests can view while walking through the Folklore Museum include a myriad of exquisite, one-of-a-kind paintings, unique Russian-styled artifacts and icons, a slew of precious family heirlooms, and many different tools from different time periods, including an archaic foot-operated dentist’s wheel used in ancient dentistry. While perusing the home, museum guests can also view a variety of ancient photographs, a beautiful selection of wooden furniture, and even more family heirlooms, many of which originated from Odessa.

The Folklore Museum is easy to access once you’re on the island.  Chora, the capital of the country, lies in the central region of the island and is virtually accessible from all directions using the various modes of transport available on the island. If you are staying in Chora it’s an easy walk. Just ask for directions at your hotel! You can also take a taxi depending on where in the island you are staying, and you can also drive.

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