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Imerovigli is a Quiet Village in Santorini

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Blue church dome in Imerovigli, SantoriniWhitewashed buildings. Blue domed churches. Stunning views of the Aegean Sea. These are the things that bring visitors to Santorini year after year. But if you want a relaxing vacation, it can be difficult. Throngs of tourists flock to places like Fira and Oia and for those who are looking for a quiet vacation may feel as if Santorini isn’t an ideal destination for them.  Imerovigli has all the charm of some of the larger places on the island but without the crowds.

One of the things that makes this village so striking is the dramatic scenery. If you happen to visit Fira while on your vacation, make sure to focus your eye on the massive rock face that can be seen from the shore. That’s Skaros rock and the village of Imerovigli. The village itself looks like it was carved right out of the rock and most of the homes and establishments are built to face out towards the caldera itself, just as they are in some of the other villages. The difference here is that life in Imerovigli is much quieter than it is in some of the other places on the island, simply because it isn’t as accessible as places like Fira, which is the main place on the island where cruises tend to dock.

Imerovigli is most known for its sunsets, so even if you haven’t based your Santorini vacation here, it’s worth it to make the trek to the village for the sole purpose of watching the way the sun dips into the Aegean Sea. Even though the whole island is known for their sunsets, villages like Oia are often inundated with people trying to watch it that it can be all too easy to miss out on some of the great views because there are often too many people there to truly be able to enjoy it. This isn’t the case in Imerovigli. Many people do stay in the village during their trip, but the numbers are far fewer, which means that you’re more likely to enjoy the sunset in a more peaceful setting.

The village also has plenty of historical and religious sites to visit. The Monastery of Saint Nikalaos is located here as well as an Orthodox Church called the Church of the Ai-Stratis. If you do decide to visit the churches, make sure you follow the rules of etiquette. If you’re unsure of how to behave when in the church, you can ask at your hotel for pointers. There’s also an old Venetian Castle that was built in 1207 AD and is still standing today.

Exploring the stunning scenery in Imerovigli and the surrounding area is also an essential part of your experience on Santorini. Rent a boat for a tour of the caldera. Hike up the Skaros rock for fantastic views of the sea. Eat at one of the many popular restaurants or tavernas. Take in some of the nightlife. This island is definitely the place to be if you want a relaxing, sun soaked vacation on a beautiful island.

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