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Visit Vai Beach on the Greek Island of Crete

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Crete is one of those islands that has enchanted people for centuries. Since it is so large, it tends to feel as if it is in its own world, and on some level, it really is. There is plenty to do here, as well, and you could easily spend a few weeks here and not even scratch the surface. The beaches are particularly beautiful and there is a variety of what you can do. Vai Beach on the eastern side of the island is one of the standouts. Here’s more information about visiting this beach while on Crete:

Why Visit Vai Beach

One of the things that sets this beach apart is its natural beauty. Visitors here can be found relaxing under the Cretan date palm trees that line it’s sandy shores. The palm forest is the only wild indigenous palm forest in Greece and the largest one in all of Europe.

Although it’s in a popular tourist attraction, the beach itself is well maintained and clean. Locals work hard to make sure it’s unique forest is preserved and not damaged by the beach’s thousands of visitors year round. It’s best to go in the summer when the days are long and the nights are clear. However, if you are going in August, be sure to get there early as spots tend to fill up on the beach pretty quickly.

Vai Beach is Secluded

Part of the charm of Vai Beach is it’s secluded location. As you get closer to the beach, you’ll likely be doing zig zags through the mountains. There are no signs of life until you reach the beach. Once you arrive, you can find parking along the road. Otherwise, you can pay to park in the lot that is closest to the beach. If you park on the road, expect to walk a ways from your car as the beach is located in a cove further down from the main road. All of the walking will be worth it.

Once you find your spot on the beach–there are sun beds available–you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the crystal clear blue waters of the sea. The sun beds do cost a fee, but they are nice if you’re planning on relaxing all day. Aside from the sun beds, there are shaded areas under the palm trees that are great if you can snag them.

What to Do At the Beach

Coffee spots and snack bars on the beach make it so you truly never have to leave. They have a restaurant style cafe just adjacent to the beach where you can sit down and be served meals. The prepared meals are actually quite delicious, too. They will accept cash or credit cards.

Many people who visit the beach bring their snorkeling gear. You can spend the day floating around the shore looking at the area’s diverse and abundant population of sea creatures. From fish to coral, there is a lot to see below the water’s surface. If you’re lucky, you may be able to spot a sea turtle! In addition to the beach, there is a set of stairs you can climb that leads to a little watchtower. It is not too far of a trek either. The view from the tower is definitely worth it. It looks out over the entire cove and palm forest.

All in all, Vai Beach is one of the most stunning places to visit in Crete. The hundreds of ancient palm trees, clean waters, and soft sand make it an almost perfect place to relax and watch the day pass by.

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