Matala, Crete is Known for Its Stunning Scenery

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Crete is one of those Greek islands that seems to stand on its own. It is so large that it is easy to get lost here, and there are so many things to explore you could spend weeks here and still feel like you haven’t scratched the surface. Aside from the major tourist attractions scattered throughout the island, Crete is also incredibly gorgeous. Matala is one of those villages that is especially known for its beauty. Here’s more information:

Mentioned in Greek Mythology

Matala is a coastal village on the island of Crete that is about 75 kilometers from Heraklion, which is the island’s main city. It is fairly small but there are some shops and restaurants here to enjoy. Aside from being a relaxing village, people do flock here to take in the natural beauty. It is also a fairly old village and has even been mentioned in Greek mythology. According to one story, Matala is where Zeus seduced Europa, a princess of Greek mythology.

Known for Its Gorgeous Beach

One of the reasons why people seem to flock to this village while visiting Crete is to sit at its beautiful beach. Like most of the villages on Crete, Matala is made up of sand, not pebbles. The beach itself is relaxing and has a great view of the crystal blue sea. It is a great beach for both swimming and relaxing and it is easy to pass the time here. There are sun beds and umbrellas to rent, as well, so you don’t need to bring your own beach gear. Visitors to this beach report that it is beautiful and that it is also not too crowded since Matala is a bit off the beaten track.

Explore the Famous Caves

Another reason to head to Matala is so that you can explore the famous caves. Matala Beach and the Matala caves are located close to each other, which means that you can easily do both while visiting here. The interesting thing about these caves is that there is evidence that they were man made in the Neolithic Age of Ancient Greece, which means that Matala has been occupied for a long time. While sitting at the beach you have a nice view of the caves and you can also explore them while on the beach.

Visit the Phaistos Palace Archaeological Site

During the Minoan time period, it is thought that Matala was actually part of Phaistos, which at the time was an important port. Although the Minoans are long gone, their palaces and other evidences of their existence remain. Be sure to visit the Phaistos Palace Archaeological Site while in Matala! Although it isn’t directly in Matala, the palace is only a fifteen-minute drive. Whether you’re staying in Matala or elsewhere in Crete, you’ll want to stop in on this important landmark.

Matala is a unique village located about 75 kilometers from Heraklion. While here, you’ll want to be sure to sit on the beach, explore the caves, and even visit the Phaistos Minoan Palace.

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