What to Do in Kimolos, Greece

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The Greek island of Kimolos is part of the Cyclades group. The island is rich in gorgeous beaches, amazing architecture, and fascinating geological monuments. Kimolos is home to charming cobblestone alleys, and the traditional whitewashed houses with blue windows that are well-known around the Cyclades. Any visitor to Kimolos will be impressed by what there is to see and do. Here’s what you can do when in Kimolos, Greece.

Visit a Chapel in Kimolos

The island of Kimolos is rich in beautiful churches. The oldest church on the island is the Church of Gennisi Christou, which means Birth of the Christ. The church is located in the area of Mesa Castle. There is a plaque on the church that says the church was built in 1592. The Church of Pantokratoras is a beautiful church that is on top of the hill of Xaplovouni.

The view from the courtyard of this church is breathtaking. In the village of Horio, you will find the Cathedral of Panagia Odigitria. The imposing church will impress you with its architecture. Inside, you will see ecclesiastical icons. When visiting Kimolos, you will find the number of churches to visit great.

Enjoy the Local Specialties of Kimolos

The island of Kimolos produces items such as thyme honey, rusks, tomato paste, and manouri and xino cheeses. Specialties of the island include: kolokithenia, a pumpkin pie; snails; tirenia, a pie made with cheese; and ladenia, which is a pie that slightly resembles a pizza that is made from oil, tomato, and onions. There is a local snack you can try that is made from the tomato paste produced on the island. Dry wine is also an important product of Kimolos.

Visit the Thermal Springs in Kimolos

Since antiquity, the thermal springs of Kimolos have been known for their therapeutic properties. The thermal springs are near the entrance of the settlement of Prassa ar a cement pier at the beach. Once at the beach, you will see two pit-holes. One of them has a roof made of cement and the other is uncovered. Across from them, there is an old, mostly abandoned building that is the springs.

Inside, there are four basins. One is made of marble. Kimoliots are known to use the basins. Whether you choose to try the thermal springs or not, the site is still interesting to see as is the beach. Other thermal springs locations in Kimolos include Therma and Agioklima.

Spend Time in the Capital of Kimolos

Horio, located on the southeast side of the island, is the capital of Kimolos. The settlement is full of traditional traditional character that can be seen in the whitewashed houses with blue windows, flowery courtyards, and stone windmills. The settlement of Horio is made up of Mesa (inner) Kastro and Exo (outer) Kastro. Mesa Kastro is a simple village of cubic houses that form that external wall of the castle. Exo Kastro is the medieval castle.

Enjoy spending time in Kimolos, Greece by exploring the history, tasting the delicious food, and strolling the charming streets.

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