Things to Do on Ikaria Island

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A beautiful Greek village by night and the reflection in the Aegean seaIkaria is a bit off the beaten track, but that is actually its main draw. The landscape here is stunningly beautiful, which gives visitors and locals alike the perfect opportunity to spend time enjoying it. Whether wandering through the dramatic forests, hiking through a gorge, or lounging at the beach, Ikaria is all about spending quality time relaxing in the natural beauty. It also has a mysterious charm and it’s easy to see why this place was a haven for pirates and those who wanted to get away from it all. Here’s an overview of some things to do while visiting this gorgeous island:

Go to the Beach

The beaches on Ikaria are some of the prettiest in all of Greece! Because the island itself is filled with stunning natural scenery, this only makes the beaches that much more spectacular. Seychelles Beach is one of the clear highlights, and visitors and locals alike flock here to soak up the sun and relax by the crystal clear water. In fact, each of the beaches on this island, such as Nas Beach and Yaliskari Beach, have their own unique time. If you spend enough time on the island, you should try all three!

 Visit a Monastery

Many Greek islands have a Greek Orthodox monastery and Ikaria is no exception. The Theoktisis Monastery, which is especially worth a visit because of how peaceful it is. If possible, you should organize a tour guide to take you around the monastery. You won’t want to miss the beautiful frescoes, beautiful scenery, and witness the traditional way of life of the monastery’s inhabitants! Be sure to learn the dress code rules before visiting the monastery so that you can be sure to dress properly.

Drink Some Wine

One of the things Ikaria is known for is its delicious wine made by the locals. Many Ikarians tend their own vineyards and make homemade wine for their families. There are also some larger wineries, many of which are open for tours and to do some wine tasting. The Afianes Winery is especially worth a visit, and the wines here are some of the finest on the island. In fact, Ikarian wine is considered an important part of the traditional way of life on the island and many believe it is one of the reasons why the people live such long, healthy lives.

Enjoy Outdoor Sports

Because the island is filled with such great natural beauty, it is the perfect haven for those who enjoy outdoor sports. Whether you spend your days surfing or wandering the countryside, you will no doubt get plenty of exercise while you’re here. It’s also a great place to scuba diving and snorkeling.

Once you spend any amount of time here, it is easy to see why the people live such long lives. It’s a stunning place and one that is filled with great food, plenty of opportunities to get some exercise, and a high quality food supply based on the local culture. This is the perfect island to take a step back, relax, and get away from it all!

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