You Won’t Believe How Beautiful Balos Beach In Kissamos Is

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If you’re considering a vacation to the Greek island of Crete, you’ll soon find that there are many towns, cities and beaches worthy of your time. Let me tell you why the town of Kissamos should be one of them.

Located on the western coast of Crete, Kissamos has a handful of beautiful beaches that you won’t be able to resist when you’re in the area. Sfinari Beach is a hidden treasure in Kissamos, away from all of the crowds that usually flock to the most popular beaches anywhere in Greece. This beach is a mix of sand and stone, but the floor surface out on the water is sand. If you have any gear for snorkeling, you will definitely want to bring it to Sfinari Beach. You will notice that the water gets much clearer the further that you go out, which is where beachgoers obviously prefer to go snorkeling. There are beach showers readily available, free of charge, and there are also plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas to use on the beach. You’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of great restaurants close by, but don’t leave the beach and head for dinner until you’ve seen one of the famous Greek sunsets from right there on the beach.

Kedrodasos Beach is another fantastic beach in the Kissamos area. Normally, you will hear a lot of people describe the color of the water at Greek beaches as being turquoise, but the water at Kedrodasos Beach is almost as blue as the sky. The tricky part about this beach is that it is off the beaten path, and somewhat difficult to find. In addition to that, it is not an organized beach, so you’re basically on your own. But don’t let those cons deter you from visiting Kedrodasos Beach; it just might be the most beautiful beach that you ever get the chance to witness. If you end up struggling Balos Lagoonto find this beach, the locals are usually very helpful and will give you directions to help get you there. Be sure to bring plenty of water and a meal or two, because there are no places to purchase refreshments anywhere at this beach.

And while both of the aforementioned beaches are absolutely incredible and worthy of a visit from anybody looking who is looking for a little piece of paradise — perhaps there is no bigger piece of paradise in Kissamos than Balos Beach. Visitors who come to the lagoon have often walked away proclaiming that it was one of the best views that they got to take in during their entire vacation in Greece. Enough can’t be said about how great the water is here. First and foremost, the water is incredibly warm and perfect for swimming. But beyond how it feels, it is breathtakingly blue — almost like it was taken right out of your imagination of what paradise should truly look like. It’s also fairly shallow for quite a distance from the shore, as you can walk a good amount from the beach and the water will still only be up to your knees. While you’re enjoying how amazing this beach is, don’t forget to take a look around and soak up how beautiful your surroundings are!

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