Why You Need to Visit Rhodes Town

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Rhodes Town is one of those places that skirts the balance between old and new. It is easy to believe that there are actually two separate towns here. Both the Old and New Towns are two parts that make up the same town. The Old Town is surrounded by an old wall while the New Town exists around it. Yet, both of these sections represent what Rhodes is today. No other island in the dodecanese group has such a strong connection to the past while also being incredibly modern. In a way, this is a place where many aspects of the island’s past converge. There’s the Ottoman, Italian, and even Ancient Greek influence. Part of the charm of visiting this place is the ability to experience every aspect of Greece’s past. Here are some things you should do while here:

Visit the Archaeological Museum

In order to get a great overview of Rhodes, you really need to visit the Archaeological Museum. Here, you will find information about the island’s ancient past, while also exploring a little bit about the archaeological past in the rest of Greece. This is the ideal place to start your explorations because this will lay the foundation for understanding the whole island.

Explore the Knights’ Quarters

One of the things that sets Rhodes apart from the rest of Greece is the fact that it has a strong Medieval history. It was here that the Knights of Saint John had their headquarters in the 14th and 15th centuries and their presence certainly influenced the island. In order to make the most out of exploring the Quarters, it is a good idea to take a guided tour, especially if this part of history interests you.

Go to the Palace of Grand Master of Knights

If you only have one place to visit in order to explore the medieval portion of the island’s history, this should really be it! In order to really see this site for what it is, you really should spend a few hours here. The structure itself is impressive and there are plenty of artifacts here to view, as well. Again, if this part of history interests you, you should really take a guided tour.

View the Exhibits at the Modern Greek Art Museum

Once you’re done observing all things medieval, you may be in the mood for something a little bit more modern. If that is the case, you should pay a visit to the Modern Greek Art Museum! This is an especially great museum for art lovers, as well, especially those who love Greek artists such as Gaitis Giannis, Vasiliou Spiros and Katraki Vaso.

Explore the Ancient Olympic Stadium

Although not as big as the ancient stadium in Olympia, the Olympic Stadium in Rhodes is an important part of ancient history and is worth a visit. This is also a simple 15 minute walk from the town and exploring it makes for a nice outing.

Although most of the things you can do here involve appreciating history and visiting museums, that’s not all there is! There are plenty of beaches, tavernas, and shopping opportunities to pass the time, as well.

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