Visit the Lighthouse of Saint Theodoroi on Kefalonia

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Kefalonia is one of those Greek islands that sees a lot of visitors each year. Besides that, it also has a substantial population of local Greeks. People flock here, however, because they are looking for a chance to escape their every day lives. Whether they lounge on a beach or see the sites, the island won’t disappoint. The Lighthouse of Saint Theodoroi is one of those landmarks you should visit while on the island. Here’s more information:

Getting to the Lighthouse of Saint Theodoroi

Before you can visit the Lighthouse of Saint Theodoroi, you need to first get to the island of Kefalonia. The two basic ways to get here are via airplane, since this is one of those Greek islands that has an airport, and by ferry. The one you choose will depend on where you originate and also what kind of experience you want to have. Once you arrive on the island and are settled into your hotel, you’re ready to start sightseeing. The Lighthouse of Saint Theodoroi is located in the village of Argostoli, which is one of the main areas that visitors love to see. You can easily visit the lighthouse while enjoying other sites there. Argostoli is also the capital of Kefalonia.

About the Lighthouse of Saint Theodoroi

The lighthouse isn’t located exactly in Argostoli but rather near it on a small manmade peninsula. What’s interesting about this lighthouse is that it is also a fully functioning lighthouse. It was originally built in 1828 by a British administrator named Charles Napier. The lighthouse was completely destroyed during an earthquake that ravaged the island back in the 1950’s but was rebuilt in the 1960’s. It is now a top attraction that visitors love to see. When Kefalonia became an official part of the Greek state after the Greek War for Independence, te lighthouse made it on the official registry of lighthouses in the country.

What to Do at the Lighthouse

While at the lighthouse, you can’t help but admire the structure itself. Although it is constructed in a simple style, the Doric architecture and columns give it a sense of elegance. While here, you’ll want to get plenty of photographs of it and also take some pictures looking out at the water. The views here are impressive. The lighthouse has twenty columns total and is roughly 8 meters high. Although this place is worth seeing, however, you likely won’t spend much time here. After admiring it and taking a few pictures, it is okay to move on. This landmark is one of those that you’ll want to visit while spending time at some of the other landmarks nearby.

The island of Kefalonia is definitely worth a visit. One of the landmarks that you should spend time at while sightseeing is the Lighthouse of Saint Theodoroi. If you don’t want to visit it by yourself, you should take a tour that includes it.

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