What to Do in the Thissio Neighborhood of Athens

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When visiting Athens, it’s easy to see that there is much more to the city than its ancient history. Sure, you can spend your time visiting sites like the Parthenon, but these spots only make up a small part of what modern day Athens really is like. In order to do that, you really do need to visit all the places that the locals visit.

As a visitor, it is a good idea to get a nice overview of the city, and this includes heading to places like the Thissio neighborhood, which is a trendy favorite amongst locals. Here’s more information about this neighborhood and what you can do while there:

About the Thissio Neighborhood

Thissio is actually pretty close to the city center, which means that it is easily accessible from some of the major tourist attractions, as well as both the Plaka and Monastiraki neighborhoods in the city. In fact, it lies to the southwest of Monastiraki. This makes Thissio a great place to visit or to even find a great hotel to stay at that will be tucked out of the way of some of the bustle that the center of Athens can experience. In fact, it is so close to the Acropolis that it actually boasts a pretty good view of it, which means that you are sure to have some great photo opportunities while there. There are also some trendy cafes, restaurants, and boutiques to visit while in this area and you’ll find plenty of local Athenians enjoying themselves here. Thissio is accessible by foot, car, and also by public transportation.

Things to Do in the Thissio Neighborhood

While in Athens, you should take the time to visit neighborhoods like Thissio. There’s definitely more to the city than the tourist attractions! Here’s a look at some of the things you can do while in the Thissio neighborhood:

  • Walk the Streets. One thing that people love to do in this neighborhood is walk. Whether you’re browsing through the shops or looking at some of the interesting buildings, you can easily spend hours exploring.
  • Eat or Drink. People from all over Athens flock to Thissio to enjoy the cafes and restaurants. If you want to experience the true local flavors, you really can’t go wrong no matter where you end up here.
  • Explore Tourist Attractions. Although the major attractions aren’t located in Thissio, they’re pretty close. The Acropolis is easily accessible which means that sites like the Parthenon and the Temple of Hephaestus are close by.
  • Watch a MovieSince the weather in Greece is so nice, open air cinemas are fairly popular throughout. While in Thissio, be sure to visit the one that is here so you can have a uniquely Greek experience.

While in Athens, it is important to visit all the top landmarks. However, you’ll also want to spend some time relaxing and enjoying life the way the Athenians do. The Thissio neighborhood is the perfect place to do this.

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