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The Greek island of Corfu is one of the first places on Greece that ever saw tourists. It’s easy to see why! There is so much to do here that it can be hard to choose. One of the most interesting places to visit is Paleopolis. Here’s what you should know about this site:

About Paleopolis

Located 4 km south of Corfu Town, the ancient Agora of the city is thought to have been found at Paleopolis. Paleopolis is an archaeological site that is surrounded by walls. Archaeologists have found evidence of what they believe to have been sanctuaries, workshops, and residences. There was also a harbor where shipping vessels from countries near and far could dock.

The Paleopolis was established by the Corinthians and is believed to date back to the 8th century BC. The fortification dates back to the 4th century BC and encompasses the city on three sides. The positioning of the fortification was likely done by skilled architects.

Visit the Archaeological Site

The marketplace of the ancient Agora was likely at the northern side of the present Bay of Garita and the acropolis was where Analipsi stands today. There was just one tower at the fortification, but it was strategically placed at the entrance of the port of Alkinoos. On that spot today is the Church of Agios Athanasios. The Church of the Virgin Mary is also at the site and it is well-preserved. If you visit that spot, it is where the aqueduct falls used to be.

Archaeologists have discovered vestiges of tombs that belong to the Archaic and Classical periods around the neighborhood around Garitsa. They are believed to have been an important part of the cemetery not far away. The monument of Menekratis is the most well-known. This is a funerary monument, which is a cenotaph in honor of Menekratis. The monument is at the edge of the cemetery. The monument is dated to 600 BC and one of the oldest preserved Greek inscriptions.

Spending Time at Paleopolis

When visiting Paleopolis in Corfu, you will notice that many areas are fenced off and can only be viewed from the road. Much of the structures are in ruins, but if you know what you’re looking at, what once stood there, it’s interesting to see and imagine them as they were. You may see columns, the 6th century BC Doric Temple that is dedicated to Poseidon, and the Roman Baths that were built during the 1st century AD. Don’t miss also seeing the monument of Menekratis. As you walk the grounds, you will see the St. Eufemia Monastery and an open-air theatre.The location of Paleopolis, on the Kanoni Peninsula, offers a lovely view of the view.

You can also visit the nearby Mon Repos mansion. Mon Repos is a summer home that was built in 1831 by Sir Frederick Adam, the second British High Commissioner, for his Corfiot wife. In 1967, Mon Repos became property of the Municipality of Corfu. The mansion has been turned into a museum to display artifacts of the area.

You can get to Corfu by ferry or by plane. Once on the island, Paleopolis is just a 3 km walk from the Old Town of Corfu.

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