What to Do in Agia Efimia Village in Kefalonia, Greece

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Agia Efimia, a small seaside village on the northeastern coast of the Greek island of Kefalonia, is the perfect destination for travelers who love history, adventure or just relaxing on the beach. The town offers hiking, sailing, and plenty of enjoyable activities to help you relax and unwind. It is one of those places you should consider visiting if you are on the island of Kefalonia. Here’s a look at a few things you can do on your next trip to Agia Efimia:

Explore the Beaches

Agia Efimia’s seaside location offers a plethora of opportunities for boating enthusiasts. Yellow Boats Kefalonia, located along Agia Efimia’s shores, offers boating rentals to visitors throughout the year. Explore the area’s secluded beaches and coves, accessible only by boat, with one of Yellow Boats’ vessels. You can even take a tour in a boat to learn more about it.

Dive the Ionian Sea

Aquatic Dive Club, the first diving facility on the island of Kefalonia, offers diving tours and courses for visitors from its base in Agia Efimia. The company will guide you through thirteen dive sites, many near its shop in the village. Recreational and TEC dive training are provided for both novice and seasoned divers, and visitors aged 8 years and older are welcomed to join the various diving courses and underwater tours.

Enjoy a Spa Service

The Odyssey Hotel Spa is located along Agia Efimia’s beachfront. The full-service spa offers a variety of health treatments and beauty services to help you relax on your vacation. Aromatherapy, hot stone and body massages, facials, Jacuzzi treatments and bio-sauna treatments with color therapy are offered in a private setting.

Tour the Countryside

Scooters are a great, cost-effective way to get around Agia Efimia. The village’s RoadRunner company provides scooter rentals from April to October. With a RoadRunner scooter, you can take the 10-minute drive to nearby Melissani Lake, the ancient place of worship for the god Pan and the nymph Melissanthi, or explore the nearby villages of Fiskardo and Assos, both within driving distance of town.

Visit a Monastery

Located just 9 kilometers (about 5 miles) south of Agia Efimia, the Monastery of Themata is a great destination for visitors looking for a peaceful escape. The campus is surrounded by forests and has a number of hiking trails through the mountainside. The monastery hosts two annual festivals celebrating the Virgin Mary, one on the first Tuesday after Easter and another on August 15th.

Explore a Cave

Discovered only 300 years ago after an earthquake opened an entrance to the cavern, the 150 million year old Drogarati Cave is an impressive natural feature in the town of Sami, just a 15 minute drive from Agia Efimia. The cave descends approximately 60 meters (about 197 feet) below the ground, and maintains a comfortable temperature of 18 degrees Celsius (about 64 degrees Fahrenheit) year round.

As a coastal village surrounded by mountains, Agia Efimia offers a perfect mix of adventure and relaxation. Whether you enjoy hiking, diving, sailing, or a tranquil massage at the spa, this town has something for you.

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