Go Scuba Diving in Kefalonia

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Greek  landscapeKefalonia is one of those beautiful islands where its easy to get lost. As the largest of the Ionian islands, its all too easy to wander the hills in the countryside in search of the perfect Greek experience. While this is certainly a great part of your trip to the island, there is so much more to the place than that. The water surrounding the island is warm and inviting, which makes the beaches a popular spot as well. However, beachgoers only get to experience a small part of the magic of the sea. In order to get the full picture, you should really take the time to go scuba diving during your stay! Here’s more information:

Scuba Diving is Popular in Kefalonia

Kefalonia is always listed as one of the most popular places in Greece to go scuba diving. There are several  reasons for this but one of the major ones is that the coastline is rocky, which means that there are plenty of nooks to explore. As a result of this, Kefalonia tops the list for scuba enthusiasts, and many travel here for the sole purpose of diving the waters around the island. However, these diving experiences aren’t necessarily for diving experts – beginners can also take part, as long as they work through a dive center and take plenty of safety precautions. For beginners and locals alike, it also helps to have a guide.

Hire One of the Dive Centers for a Memorable Experience

As mentioned above, working through one of the diving centers on the island is a good idea not only for beginners, but also for experienced divers. Beginners will find them valuable because this will enable them to learn the skills needed to have a successful dive and then have an expert with them every step of the way during their dives. Expert divers will also find them valuable because these dive centers will have excursions to all of the major underwater dive sites and will be able to lead them to all the most interesting spots. Dive centers on the island include Aquatic World, which has programs for both beginners and those with experience, Fiskardo Divers, which are especially known for their environmental awareness, Kefalonia Diving Center, which has courses as well as trips, and Pirate Divers Club, which offers courses as well as equipment rentals. One of these will be sure to suit your needs!

Visit These Popular Diving Sites on Kefalonia

If you do decide to go scuba diving during your tip to Kefalonia, it is a good idea to make sure that you visit all the top dive sites that are available. After all, these are a big reason why Kefalonia is so popular! Be sure to visit the underwater Temple Cave in Fiscardo, the Canyons, the Blue Canyon in Lassi, and the World War II era shipwreck. These are all great choices!

It’s true that Kefalonia is a popular spot for divers throughout the world. Once the diving excursions are over, however, you may want to stick around and enjoy the other facets of the island such as the beaches, historical sites, nightlife, and its many restaurants and tavernas. There’s something here for everyone!

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