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Sougia Beach is a Must Visit Chania Attraction

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Sougia is a small village located in the southwest of Chania. It’s a small city, has a lot of culture, a long beach, plenty of nice lodgings, and amazing dining places. Sougia draws guests in who are searching for a quiet vacation away from regular holiday destinations. While you may choose to do nothing but relax on the beach, the location offers several enjoyable activities. Since the 1970s, the town has attracted visitors from northern Europe, and most people you’ll meet there have returned several times.

About Sougia Beach

The beautiful, long, wide beach with crystal clear deep water is about 1 mile from the town. The Beach is also known as the longest in Crete’s southwest region. It is about 1 mile long; therefore, you will never feel that the Beach is crowded. In contrast to the part of the Beach, which offers umbrellas, loungers, and showers, the eastern part of the Beach is minimally organized and is preferred by naturists and nudists.

Sougia Beach has approximately 20 hotels, eight restaurants, and more than five coffee shops and snack joints. There are also a few stores and mini markets around that can help and meet most of your needs. It’s worth noting that the majority of the businesses are family-owned and operated. Their aim is to providing excellent services to their clients. Sougia is one of the most recommendable destinations for those seeking relaxation and peace of mind. It’s also an ideal destination for those who wish to remain active during their vacation, far from their regular routine. Additionally, it’s a fantastic location for family holidays. Parents can relax and enjoy their holiday without worrying about their kids because it’s a safe environment.

What to Do at Sougia Beach

Sougia Beach offers a variety of exciting outdoor activities. The beautiful canyon of Agia Irini, the ruins of the Doric town of Elyros, the ancient city of Lissos, and the legendary cave of Polyphemus are among the region’s top attraction sites. They also provide the most incredible day tours and hiking tours from Sougia, such as the Samaria gorge hiking tour and Agia Irini gorge full-day private tour. There are also shore excursions that allow tourists to experience the local history and culture of the place.

Getting to Sougia Beach

Sougia lies about 45 miles from Hania at the end of a long valley in the southwest of Crete. This route goes up to Agia Irini, then down to the Beach, and it takes slightly under two hours to cover that distance by car.

Public transportation to Sougia is a little limited. There are only one or two buses each day that carry visitors to and from Chania. They take roughly two hours to get to Sougia. Taxis are the most common modes of transport to Sougia.

If you need a cab out of Sougia, reserve ahead of time because there are only a few taxis in the city. Visitors can also reach Sougia by boat from Palehora, Agia Roumeli, Loutro, and Hora Sfakio. Keep in mind that if the water is stormy, the boat rides may be canceled.

Sougia was a popular hangout place in the 1970s, and it’s still a great place to go for peaceful vacations. Vacations aren’t only about generating good memories; they give tourists a chance to learn about the world they live in, other cultures, and the advantages of being open-minded.


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