What to Do in Sfakion Village (Hora Sfakion) in Crete

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Crete is the largest island in Greece, which means that there is quite a lot to do here. While here, you can easily spend your time sitting on one of the island’s gorgeous beaches, exploring a thriving city like Heraklion, explore the countryside or peruse the ruins of an Ancient Minoan settlement. In other words, no matter what your interests are, you can easily craft the vacation of your dreams. Sfakion Village is one of those places that is sparsely populated and in an incredibly beautiful setting. It’s truly a place to go when you’re looking for some peace. Here’s more information about what to do while you’re here:

Getting to Hora Sfakion

Sfakion is only about 70 kilometers drive from Chania, on of the major cities on the island. This means that you can easily head here for a day trip when you need a quiet escape. However, be sure to plan your time well because it will take over two hours to get there by car. Keep in mind that in Greek, this village is actually referred to as Chora Sfakion and is not to be confused with Sfakia, which is further inland. Sfakion Village is right on the water and overlooks a serene bay. It is near the White Mountains of Crete and also the famous Samaria Gorge.

Why Visit Sfakion Village

There are several reasons why you might want to travel to Sfakion Village. First of all, this area isn’t very populated, which means that it is very easy to kick off your shoes and relax while you’re here. It’s also far away from most of the major resort areas on the island. Although tourists do make their way here, there aren’t many of them. However, there are hotels to stay in while out this way. If you have a lot of time on the island, you might want to spend a few days here before moving on to one of the other areas.

What to Do in Sfakion

So, what can you do while in Hora Sfakion? Since this is in an extremely beautiful natural setting, you can spend your time in nature. Also, like most places in Crete, there’s plenty of good food to eat. Here’s a look at where to go during your visit:

  • Imbros Gorge. You won’t want to leave Sfakion until you visit the legendary cliffs of Imbros at the popular gorge. These cliffs are made up of interesting rock formations and are truly worth a visit.
  • Samaria Gorge. Although the gorge is over 12 kilometers long, you don’t need to hike all of it if you don’t want. Even if you just walk one or two kilometers, you can still get a feel for how gorgeous it is.
  • BeachesThere are some gorgeous beaches in the area of Sfakion and you should visit at least one of them during your time here. Your best choices include Vrisi Beach, Ilingas Beach, and Filaki Beach.

While on the island of Crete, you will want to spend some time in the quiet village of Sfakion. This is an espcially good choice for nature lovers!

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