Beaches to Visit in Pelion, Greece

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When people think of traveling to Greece, chances are pretty good they’ll want to spend time at at least one beach. Greece boasts some of the best beaches in the world, and you really can’t go wrong by visiting any of them. While in Pelion, you might want to consider visiting some of the ones listed here:

Agios Ioannis Beach

Located on the Southeastern island of Mikonos, Agios Ioannis Beach features crystal blue waters surrounded by picturesque mountains. Consider spending some time relaxing at one of the nearby resorts or take a boat ride out into the Aegean Sea. Known to hold mild to moderate waves, this is the perfect spot for leisurely swimming with the family. This is the perfect beach for spending the whole day at and makes a great spot for people of all ages.

Mylopotamos Beach

Mylopotamos Beach is located on the eastern side of the Greek mainland near Pelion. Visiting this beach is quite a treat since the beach is uninhabited by resorts and hotels for many miles. The beach features a cave-like feel, as you are surrounded by large mighty boulders, as well as mighty mountains. The water here is a deep blue, calm, and keeps warm most of the year. It is another place that is great for the whole family!

Papa Nero Beach

Papa Nero Beach is located along the western side of the Aegean Sea and features a mixture of sand and rocks as its beach. Convenient camping ground, hotels, and resorts line the coast so you will have no trouble finding a place to rest your head after a fun day in the sun. The bright blue water that surrounds the beach is normally mild in character and great for leisure swimming.

Horefto Beach

Another gorgeous beach on the Greek coast, Horefto Beach is a wonderful place where a family can get away for a weekend. The beaches are clean and the water is warm and clear most of the year. Feel free to go snorkeling among the fish and sea creatures while you are here. Guests can easily find accommodations to rest their bones, along with a plethora of restaurants in which to dine.

Fakistra Beach

This beach is one of the most interesting beaches to visit in Greece. The beach is quiet and remote, with not a lot of tourist traffic. Accommodations aren’t located directly on the beach this time, but you can find hotels and resorts within a few miles of the beach. Fakistra Beach is the perfect place to snorkel. The water is clear and warm, and you can easily view the sea life underwater. Kayaking is also a popular attraction at this beach since the waters are calm most of the year. Paddle out into the Aegean Sea and enjoy the sunshine.

Whichever beach you choose, there is not one that you will not love. Greece is full of breathtaking beaches and fun around every corner. You may choose to travel to a beach with a waterfront resort, or you might choose a less populated area to vacation at the beach. There are plenty of options here!

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