Visit the National Theater of Northern Greece in Thessaloniki

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Thessaloniki is known for being a cultural center of Greece. The National Theater of Northern Greece is a national and cultural treasure of Greece and Thessaloniki. The institutional organization is a center of theatrical productions and artistic education. A trip to the region wouldn’t be complete without a visit to any one of the venues for a cultural experience. Here’s more information about this:

About the National Theater of Northern Greece

The National Theater of Northern Greece is more than a theater company, but a cultural institution made up of several theater venues and art schools all focusing on different disciplines. Every year, several performances are put on by the production companies within the organization, and even more festivals are hosted to celebrate the beauty of art and dance. This diverse complex has a mission of fostering the arts not only in Thessaloniki, but also in the surrounding area.

There are several activities beyond theater that visitors can enjoy when they visit the National Theater of Northern Greece. The theaters in house productions are often the main event, and a worthwhile experience if the National Theater is on your itinerary during your trip to the region. However, there are additional productions put on my traveling organizations from around Greece and the world, as well as collaboration productions.

What to Do at the National Theater of Northern Greece

In addition to theatrical performances, there are artistic related exhibitions, conferences, viewings, and cultural festivals all hosted within the theater space. These events are geared to a individuals with a wide variety of interests and ages, in order to introduce the National Theater to as many people as possible.

Education wise, the theater is a foundation in the community for educational programs, as a research center, and in providing classes and lessons to those interested in an artistic career. One of the best ways to learn about a career path is from the people that are working in the industry and in an environment where creative productions are being produced.

Getting to the National Theater of Northern Greece

There are actually five separate venues that make up the National Theater of Northern Greece, two of which are outdoor stage venues and five indoor stages. All of the venues are easily accessible and within distance of public transportation.

Vassiliko Theatre, also known as the home of the Royal Theater, is located in White Tower Square, facing the port in Thessaloniki and within close distance to the ferries that service the area. The Theater of the Society for Macedonian Studies is located at 2 Ethnikis Amynis Street, right across the way from Vassiliko Theater, and The Foyer of the Society of Macedonian Studies is within the same building.

At the Lazaristes Monastery, in Stavroupoli, you will find the Sokratis Karantinos Stage and Studio Theater, easily accessible via public transportation. The Theatre of the Earth is one of two outdoor venues, located at Damari Triandrias, and accessible via public buses, 15 and 16. The other outdoor venue, the Dassous Theatre, is a forest theater and the furthest from the city, but still accessible using public transportation. By bus, route 24 will take you directly to Forest of Seich Sou for productions.

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