What to Do in Lamia in Central Greece

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Located in central Greece, Lamia is one of those places that you won’t want to miss visiting. As the capital of the region of Phthiotis, there is plenty to do here. It is a bit off the beaten track, which means that when you visit you will have a chance to immerse yourself into Greek life while also seeing the sites. In fact, this city is a great home base¬†when exploring this region of Greece, offering a multitude of things to see and do to its visitors. Here are some things to keep in mind during your visit:

History of Lamia, Greece

According to a slew of archaeological excavations, Lamia was settled in the 3rd millennium BC. Because of its strategic location, the city played an important role in protecting its inhabitants. The city connected southern Greece with Thessaly and the entirety of the Balkans region. Throughout time, the control and inhabitation of Lamia changed hands various times. A few of the people who controlled this region throughout history include the Slavs, the Knights Templar, the Catalans, and the Turks. The occupation of Lamia by so many different people and cultures helped to shape its place in history and the city that it is today.

Enjoying the Climate of Lamia

Lamia’s Climate: The city of Lamia offers a hot-summer Mediterranean climate. While Lamia enjoys four distinct seasons, even the coolest temperatures would not be considered bitterly cold by most standards. The coldest weather happens from late November through mid-March. The warmest weather begins in late April and continues through October. The average high in January is 53 degrees Fahrenheit with the average hot in July sitting right around 90 degrees Fahrenheit. For the most pleasant temperatures, consider a trip in the spring or in the early fall months.

Attractions to Visit

There is something for everyone in Lamia! While here, you can enjoy all the typical things when you visit Greece. Shopping sunshine, and eating some of the delicious, traditional cuisine. Besides that, you can also see the sites. Here are some suggestions:

Archaeological Museum of Lamia

Immerse yourself in the history of this region with a trip to the Archaeological Museum of Lamia. This popular tourist attraction is a great place to start your tour of Lamia as it introduces you to the people and events that shaped this region of the world.

Loutra Themopilon

Check out the natural beauty of Lamia with a visit to Loutra Thermopilon. This natural thermal spring and waterfall features warm water that feels wonderful even on cool days. Visitors are encouraged to jump in and enjoy the healing effects of these thermal springs. Nearby the Loutra Thermopilon, you will find the Battlefield of Thermopylae. This historic battlefield also features a museum to enhance your visit.

Platia Eleftherias

At the end of your day exploring Lamia and its surrounding area, be sure to spend some time relaxing at Platia Eleftherias. Otherwise known as Freedom Square, this area is home to the town’s famous Independence Day parade. Here you will also find various cafes with outdoor seating, perfect for noshing on authentic Greek cuisine while enjoying amazing people watching opportunities.

While visiting Syvota in Greece, you won’t want to miss the chance to visit Lamia.

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