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Rhodes is one of those beautiful islands that has something for everyone. Like most places in Greece, there is a rich history here, but it is also beautiful, modern and vibrant. Ancient Kameiros is a landmark with seeing, especially for those with an interest in history. The ruins are incredibly interesting, the scenery is exquisite and individuals and families will both enjoy the adventure. Here’s more information:

Getting to Ancient Kameiros

Kameiros is a sensational destination, but to get there you must first go to Rhodes. The airport on Rhodes is 16 kilometers from Rhodes Town. You can fly into the Rhodes airport from Athens Greece, or Thessaloniki during the summer. For those who prefer ferries, they are available four or five times weekly from Piraeus, which is the main port in Athens. Ferries are additionally available from all the Dodecanese islands. Ancient Kameiros is located on the west coast road of Rhodes, and can be reached from the bus station in the Old town of Rhodes.

History of Ancient Kameiros

The Dorians founded Ancient Kameiros during prehistoric times, and the Achaeans later inhabited the area. Items found at the archeological site dated back as far as the 8th century BC. Earthquakes destroyed the town twice, the first in 226 BC, and again in 142 BC. Afterwards, Ancient Kameiros was abandoned. Ancient Kameiros was constructed using three levels. The first was at the top of the hill, and the temple of Athena Kameiras the Goddess was in the Acropolis. There is a reservoir here that was built during the 6th century BC for the people.  A Stoa was constructed surrounding the reservoir by the inhabitants, and featured Doric columns in two rooms.

The main settlement was constructed with the Acropolis at the center, and the streets and residences were parallel. There was a Doric temple on the lower level dedicated to Apollo and the Agora. This was where the people discussed political issues. The first time Ancient Kameiros was evacuated was during the 1850’s and 1860’s. While Rhodes was under the rule of the Italians in 1928, restoration works and excavation occurred until the Second World War ended. This officially ended the domination of the Italians on the Dodecanese.

What to Do At Ancient Kameiros

The first destination should be the ruins of Ancient Kameiros because the remains of the reservoir, temple and agora are still standing. Walking through the ruins enables people to see the grandeur of the city. From the Acropolis on the hilltop, the coastline can be seen. This leads to the Peribolos of the Altars, the Agora and the Doric Fountain-house. The Fountain-house was constructed with plaster faced Doric half columns, and the spaces were closed by panels. The interior contained the tank from which the inhabitants drew their water during the middle of the 4th century BC. During the 3rd century a well replaced the tank, and the names of Ancient Kameiros priests were carved on the columns.

The remains of the Stoa are in the back of the fountain-house. The Hellenistic Altar has four sides, and is in the front of the Doric Stoa. The Hippodamian system was used to build the Altar, and the grid encases residential blocks and parallel streets designed to be equal in size. One side of the interior colonnaded courtyards of the residences was higher than the others. The adornments included facades with architraves and adorned mosaic floors. The public bath remains standing with cold and hot chambers, and the rooms received heat through hypocausts installed beneath the floors. Walking through the ruins is fascinating, and will leave unforgettable memories.

Ancient Kameiros is a treasure waiting for you to discover and it is something that is absolutely worth doing.

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