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The Greek island of Corfu is a popular place to visit. It is a physically beautiful place, and people flock here from all over the world to enjoy everything the island has to offer. It also has a rich history, and when you aren’t enjoying the beaches, delicious food, and gorgeous scenery, you should consider visiting the historical site of Mon Repos Palace. Here’s more information about it:

About Mon Repos Palace

Mon Repos Palace was originally constructed in 1826 by Frederic Adams, the British Commissioner. The palace was a special gift for Nina Palatianou, his Corfiot wife. He had the palace built near the Kanoni area on the top of the Analipsis hill. The setting he chose is lovely and filled with lush greenery. The palace is small with elements of colonial architecture and quite beautiful. As time passed, all of the British governors Corfu began using the palace as a summer residence.

History of Mon Repos Palace

In 1864, the Ionian Islands became united for Greece. This was when the palace became a gift for King George I of Greece. On June 10th of 1921, Prince Phillip was born in the palace. He was the Duke of Edinburgh and Queen Elizabeth the II was his wife. During the Second World War, the Italian occupation of Corfu occurred. The palace became the home of the Ionian Islands Italian Governor Parini during this time.

As the decades went by, there was an argument between the previous royal family of Greece and the Greek government as to who was the rightful owner of the palace. Greece’s former King Constantine believed the palace belonged to him because during his reign Mon Repos was his property. The government of Greece refused to accept his claim since they believed the palace rightfully belonged to the Greek state.

The argument was finally resolved by the European Court of Human Rights in 2002. Mon Repos was given to the previous king as compensation for seven million due to the loss of three properties in 1975 when his monarchy in Greece was abolished. The palace is currently in use by the Municipality of Corfu as an attraction for tourists. Hundreds of tourists come every year to see the palace. The restoration of Mon Repos reflects the original imposing and classical features.

Visiting Mon Repos Palace

A museum is hosted by the palace featuring numerous Ionian treasures. The environment of the palace is exceptionally nice with a large park surrounding the building. Opposite of the palace are the remains of Corfu. The archaeologists believe the palace was built directly over part of the area where the ancient city once thrived. The grounds of the palace are stunning with a gorgeous view of the Adriatic sea. The ruins of the Doric temple can still be seen in the area around the palace.

Mon Repos Palace is part of an interesting piece of the history of Corfu. It is worth visiting this site to learn all about it.

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