Lounge on Grikos Beach on Patmos

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Patmos island, which is the island that Grikos beach is attached to, is located about 220 miles from mainland Greece. It is a really beautiful and relaxing destination. Travelers who have never experienced the islands of Greece before and even experienced Mediterranean savants will find this island pristine.

There are several beaches located on the island that all have different and unique features. However, Grikos beach is a truly prime spot if you’re looking for easy access to the capital city and a wide variety of amenities.

About Grikos Beach

The island that Grikos beach is situated on is actually only about 21 miles across in total. The city of Chora is actually the Island’s capital city and it sits near Scala, which is the island’s single port of entry. Chora and the Monastery of St John both located very close to Grikos Beach. In 1999 they were both made World Heritage Sites. This makes the island a prime destination for not only those looking to enjoy the beautiful outdoors, but also history buffs.

The view from the beach is wonderful, and you can catch a glimpse of most of Chora from Grikos Beach. This makes it an ideal spot to take in some amazing scenery! The beach has ample shade and is extremely easy to access from the nearby town. There are actually steps that only have a few feet in between them and the actual sandy beach.

What to Do at Grikos Beach in Patmos

There are some great things to do on Grikos Beach in Patmos. For example, it is a great place for those who love outdoor sports, and snorkeling is one of the main things you can do here. There is plenty of sea life to spy on under the water while snorkeling! You can also hike some of the trails that are close to the beach. You might want to find a local map to show you some of the key trails.

The beach also has some great restaurants and tavernas nearby, and there is also one very close to the beach. You can also rent bikes from the local cafe to ride up and down the road that parallels the beach.

Getting to Grikos Beach

From Athens, you’ll take about a 10 to 15-minute car or bus ride to the port city of Piraeus. Then you hop on a ferry for about a seven to seven and a half hour trip from the coast of Athens to The Harbor at Scala. From there It’s about a ten-minute to 15-minute drive along the coast of the island to Grikos bay. Buses regularly stop at Grikos beach so you can hop-on to sightsee and conveniently travel back to your sandy spot after a tour. Alternatively, you can go from the Skala port through the capital city of Chora to take in some sightseeing before you actually hit the beach.

Grikos Beach is a wonderful destination if you are looking for pristine beaches, easy access to amenities, and wonderful historic sites only minutes away.

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