What to Do in the Peloponnese

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Peloponnese, located in southern Greece, is a beautiful region filled with historical sites, natural beauty, and cultural wonders. It offers a rich tapestry of ancient ruins, picturesque landscapes, and charming coastal towns. If you’re planning a trip to Greece, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the Peloponnese.

These are five places to visit in Peloponnese, ensuring an unforgettable experience:


Epidaurus is renowned for its ancient theater and one of the best-preserved theaters in Greece. It was designed in the 4th Century BC, with impeccable acoustics that allow even the faintest sounds to be heard by the entire audience. Watching a performance in this ancient theater is an awe-inspiring experience. In Epiraudus, there’s also an archeological museum. In this archeological museum, you can discover more about the culture and history of Epiraudus.

Corinth Canal

This is an engineering marvel connecting the Aegean Sea with the Ionian Sea. The canal, which separates the Peloponnese from the Greek mainland, offers breathtaking views and is a must-visit attraction. You can take a boat tour or walk along the pedestrian bridge to appreciate the grandeur of this man-made wonder. As you gaze down at the canal’s turquoise waters, you’ll be amazed by the narrowness of the canal and the towering cliffs surrounding it.


Monemvasia is a medieval fortress town that seems frozen in time. This unique destination exudes an otherworldly charm, situated on a rock island connected to the mainland by a causeway. The narrow cobblestone streets, Byzantine churches, and centuries-old houses create a romantic atmosphere that transports you back in time. Don’t miss the chance to visit the Castle of Monemvasia, perched on top of the rock, offering breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea.


Once a Byzantine city, Mystras is now an archaeological monument that offers tourists an insight into the region’s medieval history. As you wander through the remnants of the city, you’ll encounter well-preserved churches, palaces, and fortifications. The highlight of Mystras is the Pantanassa Monastery, known for its beautiful frescoes and stunning views over the valley below. Exploring Mystras is like embarking on a journey back in time, immersing yourself in the rich history of the Peloponnese.


No visit to the Peloponnese is complete without exploring Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games. This ancient sanctuary was dedicated to Zeus and hosted the Olympic Games for over a thousand years. As you wander through the archaeological site, you can imagine the thrill of the ancient athletes and marvel at the remains of the Temple of Zeus and the original Olympic stadium. Visit the Olympia Archaeological Museum to see a collection of artifacts, including the famous statue of Hermes of Praxiteles.

From the ancient theater of Epidaurus to the Corinth Canal’s majestic engineering, from the medieval fortress town of Monemvasia to Olympia, the Peloponnese region offers a diverse range of attractions for every traveler. The Peloponnese will give you lasting memories if you are a historian or simply seeking a unique cultural experience.

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