Visit the Great Hammam on Rhodes Island

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Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese islands of Greece. You can get to the island via plane, ferry, and even cruise ship. The weather in Rhodes is ideal most times of year as the sun shines at least 300 days of the year and the temperature is never too hot or cold. When staying in Rhodes you have a selection of hotels to choose from and no shortage of restaurants to eat at. The island is best known for its ancient ruins and beach resorts.

Rhodes city is an old medieval city. It was not always a part of Greece, which explains the mosques and Turkish baths that still exist in the city today. Here’s what you should know about the Great Hammam before you visit:

Information About the Great Hammam

The Great Hammam is a historical site located in Arionos Square in Rhodes, Greece. When the building was open to the public, it was used as a hammam-spa, which offered a traditional head-to-toe wash, massages, and exfoliation. Although the building is closed now and you cannot see the inside, you can walk around and get a sense of its history and beauty. It’s a building worthy of photographs.

History of the Great Hammam

Rhodes City is full of history. It is refered to as the island of knights. The Great Hammam is one of the last standing Turkish baths in Rhodes. What is a hammam? A hammam is a Turkish steam bath. Hammams are where modern bathing rituals are thought to have originated. Men and women typically bath on different days or in separate areas. Built in 1558 during the Ottoman occupation, the baths were originally only for men. The women’s baths were added years later when Mustafa Pasha was ruler. The baths consist of elegant fountains and marble. There are beautiful domes, one large and many smaller, with decorative apertures that allow light into the baths. The Great Hammam is also known as Mustafa Baths, Baths of Souleiman, and Yeni Hammam, which means “new baths.” The building has been restored by the archaeological Foundation of Rhodes.

What to do at the Great Hammam

If you’re fascinated by history, going to see the Great Hammam is probably on your list. Even though you can’t see the interior, the exterior of the building is worth exploring. You can also see the Sultan Mustafa Mosque, which is close by. Other sites you can see include the Archeological Museum, the Palace of the Grand Knights, the Medieval Clock Tower, which you can climb to the top of, the aquarium, and the Agios Fanourios Church. You can even take a Segway tour that takes you to see ancient and historical sites.

If history is your passion, you will find no shortage of things to explore in Rhodes. The Great Hammam is a building you should be sure to stop and see. When you’re not sightseeing and enjoying the local food, don’t forget to relax on the beach and do a little shopping.

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