Explore the Theriso Gorges on Crete

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Crete is a diverse Greek island. The history, culture, and heritage will have you captivated. The natural beauty of Crete is equally impressive. The caves, valleys, plateaus, beaches, rivers, and lakes are paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. The Theriso Gorge is something that anyone who loves nature will want to see. Here’s what you should know about the Theriso Gorge.

About the Theriso Gorges

Theriso Gorge in Crete is the closest gorge to the city of Chania. Theriso Gorge is the only one that can be crossed by transportation including car. There is a roadway that leads from Chania to the gorge. Theriso is a small village located 16 km from Chania. The village has an impressive history that played an important role in the freedom and independence of the people of Crete. Theriso Gorge makes a wonderful day trip from Chania.

The Theriso Gorge is surrounded by greenery that consists of oak trees and chestnut trees. There is a beautiful tree-lined river, which only adds to the tranquility and beauty of the area. The Theriso Gorge is the ideal place to go on nature hikes. The gorge is also popular with rock climbers. Climbers often use the peak of Pachnes for their climbing experience.

Explore the Theriso Gorges

If you are spending time in Chania, Crete, the Theriso Gorge makes a wonderful day trip as it is only 16 km away. You can easily spend a few hours at the gorge exploring, hiking, and having an adventure.
Close to Theriso Gorge, just 2 km from the village, is a forest and Sarakina Cave. Historical finds from the Neolithic, Minoan, and Geometric ages have been found in the area during archaeological digs. Spending time in the village will allow you to taste the delicious Cretan dishes served that include lamb, meat, fresh fish, and vegetables.

You can enjoy a train tour ride that goes from Agia Marina to Theriso. This train tour travels through the gorge giving you a unique way to see the scenery. Taking a tour is a great way to not only see the sights, but also learn about what you’re seeing from knowledgeable guides. If you drive to the Theriso Gorge yourself, you can also visit the nearby botanical gardens.

Getting to the Theriso Gorges

Crete is home to two international airports: Nikos Kazantzakis Airport Heraklion, which is located in the central north of the island, 4 km from Heraklion, and Daskalogiannis Airport Chania, which is located 14 km from Chania. You can also get to the island by ferry from Piraeus in Athens, which is the most travelled sea route to Crete and closest to your destination of the Theriso Gorge. Once on the island of Crete, you can get around in many ways. Taxis are abundant on the island, though this can be a more expensive option depending on the length of your trip.

There are also bus services on the island, both coach services for longer trips and city buses. You can also rent a car, which allows you to explore on your own schedule. Theriso Gorge is located 16 km from Chania.

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