Visit Phaestos (Phaistos) Palace on the Island of Crete

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While visiting the island of Crete, it is easy to feel as if you have stepped into another time and place. The southernmost of the Greek islands, Crete gives the impression that it is a little isolated, especially since the island is, for the most part, self sustaining. The people here grow a lot of their own food, and the diet and lifestyle is considered to be one of the healthiest in the world.

Another thing that Crete has going for it is that there is a rich history there, and it got started fairly early. The Minoan Civilization inhabited this island starting in 2600 B.C.. When the civilization dissolved, no one was quite sure why. However, evidence that they existed can be found throughout Crete. Phaestos (Phaistos) Palace is one of the things the Minoans left behind. While on the island, you’ll want to pay the site a visit. Here’s more information:

Getting to Crete

Because Crete is such a large island, there are several ways that you can get here. There is a regional airport on the island located near near Heraklion. Depending on where you’re staying while on Crete, however, you could experience a several hours drive to your destination once you arrive in the island. Another option is to take a ferry, and since the island is so large, you do have a few options as to where in Greece you can leave and also which ferry route you can take. One of the most popular methods is to take the overnight ferry from Piraeus. If you do this, consider paying the extra money for a sleeping cabin.

About Phaestos Palace

While on the island, you’ll want to take the time to visit Phaestos Palace. Although it isn’t the most well known of the Minoan sites (Knossos Palace has that honor), it is still important. Located in south central Crete, the palace is in an area known as Kastri Hill. It is important to note that the Minoan era was broken up into several time periods, and this palace appears to have been destroyed (according to the Archaeological evidence) at around the end of the middle Minoan period. However, there is still some of the site left to enjoy and explore.

In order to get the most of out of your visit, you’ll want to take a tour while here. Although there’s not much left of the site, there is enough here to gain an understanding of what the site was all about. It is structured in a similar way as the rest of the palaces, but on a much smaller scale than at Knossos.

Phaestos Palace is one of the many sites on the island that date from the Minoan time period. While you certainly have your pick of Minoan sites to visit, you should give Phaestos Palace your undivided attention. It is one of those places that you should know about, especially if you are interested in Minoan history.

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