Attractions to Enjoy While in Folegandros, Greece

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Folegandros, Greece is known for its rugged coastlines, rocky mountains, lovely beaches, and beautiful villages. The island of Folegandros is home to monuments, archaeological sites, good food, castles, and so much more.

Getting to the island can be done via ferry as there is no airport. The closest airport is in Santorini. From there you can catch a ferry to Folegandros. During high season, ferries run almost daily. The trip can be long, up to 6 – 8 hours depending on the route as some vessels stop at the other islands in the Cyclades. When you get to Folegandros, there are some prominent attractions and beaches you won’t want to miss out on while exploring.

Karavostasi Beach

Located just 3 km southeast of Folegandros Town, Karavostasi Beach is ideal for families. The beach is close to the port and since it’s so close to town, you’ll have access to amenities. The crystal clear water, with its sandy bottom, is perfect for swimming and the sand is dotted with pebbles.

Karavostasi Beach is close to other beaches if you’re up for more exploring. Around the beach of Karavostasi you will see the traditional Cycladic style in the form of houses along the landscape. There are plenty of trees to provide shade on warm and sunny days.

The Lighthouse of Aspropounta

The Lighthouse of Aspropounta was built in 1919. The lighthouse can be seen while walking the island of Folegandros. It is 58 meters above sea level and features an 11-meter tall light. The lighthouse of Aspropounta started operating in 1921. The lighthouse was originally lit by a wick until switched to a petroleum gas mechanism. Then in 1985, it switched to solar energy. You can get to the lighthouse by way of Livadaki or Ano Meria.

Agali Beach

Agali Beach is about 5 kilometers west of Folegandros Town. This beach is partly organized and ideal for those who love to swim. There are umbrellas and sun beds for rent and sea sports are available on site as well. The beach is long with fine sand and clear water. There are taverns nearby when you want food and drinks. Agali Beach is popular, so if you don’t mind crowds you will enjoy this beach. The word Agali means “to hug,” which suits this beach as looks as if it’s being hugged by the huge rocks around it.


Kastro is the oldest part of the village and a medieval fortified settlement that was built close to the edge of a cliff. It was built there to help protect inhabitants of the island from invasions from pirates. Since it was constructed, it has been inhabited continuously. Some of the houses are over 1,000 years old, in good condition, and still used to this day. The alleyways of the Kastro will make you feel like you’ve stepped back time with their traditional character.

Church of Panagia

The Church of Panagia is the largest church on the island of Folegandros. The church is built on a rocky hill located above Chora. The Church of Panagia was built on the foundations of an ancient temple. The whitewashed church features statue and sculpture bases in the lovely courtyard that is found in the interior of the church.There is an ancient inscription displayed on the church as well as a marble epigraph inside that lists the renovation of the temple that took place in 1821. This is the form of the church you see today. You will find the Church of Panagia by following a cobblestone street from the Square of Pounda in Chora.


Kastro is the oldest part of the village. It is a medieval fortified settlement that was built at the edge of a cliff. Kastro was built in order to protect the residents of the island from possible pirate invasions. The outer walls of Kastro were built right on the cliff. Kastro is an amazing place to visit as some of the houses are one thousand years old and in good condition. Many are still inhabited today. The alleys are equally interesting and charming. Kastro is a site of historical preservation.

Settlement of Chora

The capital of Folegandros is a must-see when you’re visiting the island. Chora is located on the eastern side of the island. It features traditional architecture of the Cyclades including whitewashed houses and their colorful windows, flowers hanging throughout the squares, and labyrinth alleys. If you want to experience Folegandros and the Cyclades, Chora should be on your list of places to visit. The food won’t disappoint either. You will find delicious Greek cuisine and seafood throughout Chora.

Mount of Agios Eleftherios

The Mount of Agios Eleftherios is the highest mountain on the island of Folegandros at 455 meters high. If you enjoy hiking, there is a hiking trail that goes to the Mount of Agios Eleftherios. You will be rewarded with a wonderful view of the island and surrounding area. If you’re lucky enough to be on the Mount of Agios Eleftherios during sunset, this is a breathtaking sight to see.

Ancient Town of Paleokastro

On the mountain slopes above the churchyard of Panagia is the Ancient Town of Paleokastro. In 1840, remnants of a medieval tower and ancient wall were discovered. Close to the church there is a narrow street that will lead you up to the ancient town. The panoramic view from the Ancient Town of Paleokastro is worth the trip up.

The island of Folegandros won’t disappoint. Its history, beauty, and charm will have you entranced.

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