Best Beaches to Visit on Antiparos

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The moment you step off the ferry on¬†Antiparos island in Greece, it is easy to believe that you entered another time and place. This island is profoundly serene, yet because it’s so close to the island of Paros, there still seems to be a healthy crowd of people coming and going from the island. One of the highlights of this island is to visit one of its many beaches, each having its own unique charm. Here’s an overview of the best beaches you can find on this island:

Glifa Beach

Glifa Beach is in a popular spot, especially during peak tourist season. However, since the island is a bit off the beaten track, it never seems to get too busy.¬†It is located 6 kilometers from the main town, but there are also some area attractions, here. It is also the place to go if you want an “unspoiled” beach. Since it is in a fairly rural setting, this offers a great chance to enjoy a beach in a peaceful way. However, there are no facilities located directly at the beach so you’ll need to bring everything you’ll need for the outing. There are plenty of hotels and tavernas in the area, though, so you can easily find something to do afterwards.

Panagia Beach

If you want to visit a beach that has stunning views, you won’t want to miss Panagia Beach! Since it is only 1 kilometer from the main town, it is also one of the busiest beaches on the island since it is easily accessible. However, you do need to pass by two other beaches in order to get here, which means that the crowds aren’t bad as they could be. The water here is especially warm and is a great spot if you love to swim. There’s also a lot of shade here.

Psaralyki Beach

There are actually two beaches here, which means that guests have plenty of choices once they arrive. Since these beaches are only a ten-minute walk from the main town, they’re the busiest on the island. They’re also the most built up, with plenty of facilities to make life easier for beachgoers. There are sun beds and umbrellas here to rent as well as places nearby to eat. Although the party scene on this island isn’t dramatic, there are still some clubs on the beach. However, they aren’t so imposing as to be a turn off for families – this beach is actually great for everyone.

Vathis Volos Beach

This beach is about 12 kilometers from the main town, which means that it doesn’t get a lot of traffic. However, it is worth the trip since this beach is so picturesque! There are also a lot of tavernas here, and those who do make the trek do so because they know how clean and beautiful the waters are.

As you can see, Antiparos has some truly amazing beaches. If you’re staying on the island for an extended period, you’ll have plenty of time to visit all of them and then maybe even revisit your favorites! For those who love the outdoors, Antiparos is an ideal spot.

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