Visit the Museum of Asian Art in Corfu

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Corfu is on of those idyllic islands that seems to enchant its visitors. It also has a long, ancient history that dates to the days of Homer. It’s even mentioned in the Odyssey as being the island where the hero was shipwrecked. Despite that, there is much more to the island than its past. There are plenty of things for visitors to enjoy that extends beyond its history. The Museum of Asian Art, which is located in Corfu Town, is one of those things. Here’s more information:

Getting to Corfu

Before you can spend time at the Museum of Asian Art, you need to first make your way to Corfu. To do this, you can either take a ferry from one of the major ports. You can also take a flight into the regional airport from Athens or elsewhere in Greece. There are also occasional flights that come in from Europe and other places. Once you end up on the island, you’ll want to head to Corfu Town, which is the main city on the island. The museum is located there.

About the Museum of Asian Art

It may seem out of place to visit a museum about Asian Art on a Greek island, but the museum itself is well worth the visit. This is a unique museum because it has a collection that is unlike anything else in Greece. While most museums in Greece focus on history, art, and culture as it pertains to Greece, this museum extends beyond that. The building that it is housed in is historical by itself because it was built in the early 1800’s. While inside, pay attention to the unique architecture while gazing at the exhibits.

While here, you should expect to browse some unique pieces of Asian art. Although the building was previously an archeological museum and then a Japanese museum, it became the Museum of Asian Art in order to house a collection given to the museum be George Manos, who was a Greek diplomat who had an extensive and unique collection. Now the art is on display for everyone to enjoy.

Visiting the Museum of Asian Art in Corfu

To get to the museum, you’ll want to head to Corfu Town. From there, make your way to the Liston Promenade, which is is near Espianada Square. The museum is located inside a unique Neoclassical Building so you can’t miss it. Before you head to the museum, you will want to check the hours of operations. In order to get the most out of your visit here, you should also consider taking a tour, hiring a guide, or using one of the audio tours that they have available.

As you can see, the Museum of Asian Art in Corfu Town is well worth your time. You will have the chance to browse the the unique collection and experience the beautiful art from a different culture.

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