Top Villages to Visit in Patmos

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The island of Patmos may be a small island, but there is no shortage of things to do while here. Patmos is an important site to Christians because many believe it to be the site where Saint John wrote Revelations. It is also known for having some of the best beaches in Greece. It is also a great place for history buffs and those looking to relax and unwind on a Greek island. There are also some great villages to visit!

Here is a look at some of the best villages you should spend time at while in Patmos:


The capital of Patmos is Chora. This village is built around the Monastery of Saint John, which workers constructed during the 12th century. Standing at the top of this hillside community, many experts believe that the skull of Jesus’ disciple Thomas is at this UNESCO World Heritage site that is an active monastery. Take a stroll through this village to see the Aegean-style, whitewashed homes, the flat-roofed mansions and the narrow alleyways. You will find yourself often pausing to enjoy the beautiful gardens. There are many other places you will want to visit, including the Castle of Agios Ioannis, which workers constructed during Byzantine times and other historic churches.


Located in the middle of Patmos, Skala is the main trading area of the island, and it has been that way since many wealthy families moved to this village during the 15th century. Since Patmos does not have an airport, this is the first destination many people see of the island because of its large port. Most people can easily walk from this village to the Cave of the Apocalypse, where Apostle John may have received his revelation through a crack in this cave’s top. Take a stroll through this village and visit its boutiques before heading to a local café.


This village consists of two parts. The larger part is Pano Kambos, and it is home to the Church of the Annunciation that was constructed in 1937. On the same square as this church, you will find delicious taverns and internet cafes. Stroll through the countryside to see olive groves and orchards while breathing in the scent of pine trees. End your day by people watching at the beach where the party goes on until 3 AM. If you still have energy, then head to one of the nearby restaurants for a hearty traditional Greek breakfast.


If you love photography, make your way to Petra as the sun comes over the horizon to capture unbelievable shots of this sandy strip that ends at a huge rock. Various watersports are available, so plan on spending the day playing at this location. You may also want to spend time exploring this traditional fishing community at the top of Grikos Bay. Consider visiting Saint Nicholas of Evdimos, one of the oldest churches on the island and has a beautiful Saint Nicholas of Evdimos from Asia Minor.

There are unique reasons to visit each of these villages on Patmos. Set your dates and get started planning your adventure today.

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