What to Do in Chora on the Island of Patmos

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Patmos is one of those islands that seems to have been frozen in time. The island is small, and even though there are a lot of tourists who come to the island, the local population seems to have maintained the traditional feel of the island. Yes, there are some great beaches here that tourists and locals alike seem to love. Sure, this is also a place that is a major retreat location for Christians. However, places like Chora, one of the major destinations to visit on the island, still have a quiet and traditional charm. Here’s a look at what to do while visiting Chora on the island of Patmos:

Monastery of Saint John

For many people, visiting the Monastery of Saint John is one of the major highlights of visiting Patmos. Take the path from Chora that leads up to the monastery of take a tour that will lead you to this religious site. It is one of the most recognizable sites of the island since it was built slightly above the Cave of the Apocalypse where Saint John wrote the Book of Revelation in the Holy Bible. Make sure you are appropriately dressed and also be sure to stop in on the Cave of the Apocalypse, located near the monastery, and Ecclesiastic Museum, which is actually  part of the monastery.

Folklore Museum

Another site to see while visiting Chora on Patmos is the Folklore Museum. As part of the island’s charm, there is a rich local tradition that has been preserved over the centuries. This museum features aspect of this local culture and has many items on display. It is inside an old mansion that once belonged to the Simantiri Family, a prominent family on the island. There are items here that date as far back as the 14th Century A.D. and until the 19th Century A.D. Visitors report that the museum is interesting and well laid out as well as being on the small side.


Another highlight of visiting Chora is that it is close to some of the island’s best beaches. They’re beautiful, relaxing, and all have something for everyone. Here’s a look at the beaches that are located close to Chora:

  • Skala Beach. Listed as the most popular beach on the island, Skala is clean and has plenty of services that will make your stay here comfortable. It’s about 4 kilometers from Chora.
  • Grikos Beach. If you prefer to spend time at a built up resort area, you’ll want to head to Grikos beach. Like Skala, this is a popular beach to visit and is also only 4 kilometers from Chora.
  • Meloi Beach. Since Meloi is located close to the main port near Chora, it can also get pretty busy. It’s one of the few beaches near Chora that is also protected from the strong winds. It’s about a 5 kilometer drive from Chora.

While on the Greek island of Patmos, you will want to spend time enjoying all these popular tourist attractions!

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