Visit These Local Farms When Visiting Crete

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ancient olive pressAs the biggest island in Greece, Crete has something for everyone. History enthusiasts can enjoy some of the many archaeological sites and museums, such as the Knossos Palace and the Minoan ruins at Malia. Those who love nightlife will find plenty of opportunities in cities like Heraklion and Chania. There are also plenty of beaches and resorts for people to enjoy during their stay.  However, there’s a different side to the island that tourists don’t often see. Crete is also one of the biggest producers of wine, olive oil, and fresh fruits and vegetables in Greece.

Once you journey away from the resorts, beaches, and cities, you realize that village life is much different. Farmers raise sheep and goats, make their own cheese, press their own olive oil, and make their own wine. Some of these products are sold in markets throughout the island. However, many of them are simply made to enjoy at home. The people who live in the villages are self-sufficient and tend to make their own goods whenever they can. Many of these have farms that are open to the public. While on the island, it’s worth it to visit them whenever you can. Here’s an overview the best.

Cretan Olive Oil Farm

The Cretan Olive Oil Farm is located on the East Coast of Crete in Agios NikoLaos. The owners were inspired by Crete’s long tradition of producing excellent olive oil. They base their method of pressing their olive oil on thousands of years of tradition. However, they’ve modernized the technique to make the process more efficient. Visit the farm to shop at their store and learn about how olive oil is produced.

Agreco Farm

The Agreco Farm is a truly unique place. As part of the luxury Creta Palace in Rethymno, Crete, and the Agreco Farm offers guests a truly unique experience because it is also a working farm. Every Wednesday, they offer a “Farmer for the Day” program where hotel guests can work at the farm and make traditional Cretan foods. This gives people a unique, hands-on glimpse as to what it’s like to produce and cook the traditional foods on the island. If you want to experience the traditional side of Crete first hand, the Creta Palace is an excellent place to stay!

Cretan Farm

This farm is located in the village of Potamies, which is near Hersonissos on Crete. It’s a family owned business, and the owners give visitors the opportunity to see what an actual, working farm on the island looks like. They’re welcoming to all guests, and will often give them samples of the products they produce, such as fresh squeezed juice. They’ll even give the kids donkey rides! The farm also has its own taverna, with many Cretan specialties on the menu to enjoy in this traditional setting.

When visiting these farms, don’t forget to visit their gift shops! Products such as olive oil, wine, herbs, and Cretan Raki make great souvenirs.

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