Stalis In Crete Is a Great Place To Come and Relax

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Vacations are meant for relaxing, and the village of Stalis, on the island of Crete, is known for its relaxed atmosphere.

Close your eyes and picture what paradise looks like. You probably pictured yourself on a beach, didn’t you? For most people, their little slice of paradise involves gold sands, clear-blue water, and the sun in the sky and a drink in their hand. You can have all of that when you walk down to Stalis Beach. There are plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas for rent to enhance your beach experience, as well as a great reputation for having a clean beach.

Once the sun goes down, there are plenty of options as far as bars and restaurants go in the area. There is a little something for everyone, depending on what kind of mood you’re in. There are a few Elafonissi Beach, Crete, Greecelively bars if you’re looking to party, and then there are also a handful of bars that are laid back, if you’re looking to relax and enjoy a nice conversation.

If you’re interested in visiting one of those aforementioned relaxing bars, look no further than Themis Beach Bar. With a selection of great cocktails to choose from, you can listen to some relaxing music and sip on your favorite drink with the perfect view of the beautiful water. The food menu is also excellent, serving a wide range of Greek food and food from back home. While it’s not particularly what they are known for, their Greek cuisine is actually really good. It’s also a great place to smoke hookah — or shisha, as it is called there — and try all of the different flavors that they have to offer.

Another bar worth checking out is the Beachcomber Bar. The outdoor seating along the water is spectacular, and there are plenty of outdoor tables available. The inside is very classy with a romantic setting. This bar boasts a high quality food and drink menu, and enough can’t be said about how excellent the service is at Beachcomber Bar. On some nights, you’ll even be able to hear a live band playing throughout the evening. With a friendly and welcoming staff on any given night, it’s no wonder why it’s one of the most popular spots to hang out in Stalis.

If you’re looking for a fun activity to do while you’re in Stalis, horse riding is quite popular here. Amarillis Stable has some of the best horses on the island of Crete, and no matter what your experience level is, they will make sure that you have the best horse riding experience possible. When you plan a day to ride horses with Amarillis Stable, you are getting an unforgettable moment on your vacation, as you will get to venture out and see parts of Stalis that you likely would not have seen otherwise. The scenery that you will get to witness will take your breath away. For beginners, just make sure that you follow the guide’s instructions to the fullest extent. The trip is totally safe, and very professional.

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